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Patch v1.13.01 +Next progression

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We are pleased to announce that the new progression will be released on July 22 - new map, boss and cash shop goods will be added. And a great news for those, who loves novelties! Our developers are working on the 'Part 2' version already, which is passing the CBT stage now. Consequently, many bugs will be fixed within the official 'Part 2' release, which will take place without any wipes. However, it is too early to talk about the exact dates yet, since much work has to be done. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below.


  1. Added NPC Zyro, extra inventory vault purchase was disabled from the cash shop.
  2. Added marry system, for the particular system new jewel was added "Love Stone".
  3. Added command /dcfriend <nickname> <password>.
  4. Regarding the CW event, the possibility to kill elves on the altars was removed.


  1. Fixed defence success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window.
  2. Fixed a scenario when it was possible to block all duel rooms without active duels.

For successful game entry update your game client using Launcher. If you are still experiencing any troubles with auto-updater, download Patcher in the Files section and update client manually.

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