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Sell/Buy Ancient items (Rampage)

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MazeRunner    1
Posted (edited)

Creating this topic not only for myself, but for other players as well. Reply to this topic with your stuff you would like to sell or buy.

Example form:

  • In game name
  • Selling:
  1. Frigg Celestial Bow
  2. Surt Lord Scepter
  • Buying:
  1. Frigg Holy Spirit Pants
  2. Surt Glorious Pants
  • Comment/Price/Offer


Okay lets go.

  • IGN - Turamya
  • Selling:
  1. Sylion Bone Armor
  2. Elvian Wind Pants
  3. Horus Holy Storm Claw
  4. Rave Plate Armor
  5. Minet Sphinx Pants
  6. Warrior Morning Star
  7. Warrior Leather Gloves
  8. Camill Pluma Shield
  9. Evis Pendant of Wind
  10. Gywen Silver Bow
  11. Ceto Rapier + Luck
  12. Apollo Pendant of Ice
  13. Berserker Scale Pants
  14. Karis Spirit Helm
  15. Eplete Plate Shield
  16. Agnis Adamantine Mask
  • Buying:
  1. Frigg Holy Spirit Armor
  2. Frigg Holy Spirit Pants
  3. Frigg Holy Spirit Boots
  4. Alvis Grand Soul Armor
  5. Alvis Grand Soul Gloves
  6. Alvis Grand Soul Boots
  7. Alvis Pendant of Water
  8. Vicious Dragon Pants
  9. Hyon Dragon Helm
  10. Hyon Dragon Gloves
  • Whisper/Mail me in game with offers or price questions
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