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Chaos Card Info

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Groot    173

The Chaos Card is a new and exciting feature in the world of Norebirth. It introduces a new lottery system where players purchase the Chaos Card and gamble it for the chance to get rare items. Warning: Gambling can be very addictive.

How to combine:

  1. Access the Cash Shop by pressing "X" or through a character's inventory while in safe zones and purchase the Chaos Card.
  2. Warp to Lorencia and speak with the Chaos Master NPC (located near the Lorencia bar 130, 118).
  3. Make sure to have free space in your inventory. Place the Chaos Card in the combination window then combine.
  4. Get your item and enjoy!

Mini Chaos Card includes (released within the server's start):

  • Jewels (bundle) +10 (all kind).
  • Box of Kundun (from +1 to +5).
  • Feather/Crest for 2nd wings/cape.
  • 1st wings (with/without luck).
  • Fragment of Horn.
  • 2nd wings (with/without luck, 0-2 excl. opt).
  • Broken Horn.

Gold Chaos Card includes:

  • Jewels (bundle) +20 (all kind).
  • Excl. 380 lvl items (with/without luck, 1-3 excl. opt).
  • 2,5th wings (with/without lick, 0-2 excl. opt).
  • Ancient Hero Soul.
  • Condor Feather (for 3rd wing creation).
  • Horn of Fenrir.

Rare Chaos Card includes:

  • Jewels (bundle) +30 (all kind).
  • Excl. Mastery items from BA to Awake (with/without luck, 1-3 excl. opt).
  • Ruud Box (50000).
  • 3rd wings (with/without luck, 0-2 excl. opt).
  • Garuda's Feather.
  • Horn of Fenrir +Illusion (golden).

The more valuable item is, the harder it will be to acquire one.

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