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Rampage x20 progressive content

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Groot    169

In order to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Rampage introduces you a new innovation - progressive leveling system, meaning that each month a new level limit will be raised. The particular system will help non-donators and beginners to catch up with the top players. In addition, each month a new season, map, bosses and x shop goods will be added. Progression table can be seen below.

Release date Content Level/Master Level limit X Shop Map (Boss)
June 22, within server's release S11 Level: 400,
Master Level: 199
Limited EXP boosts (cut seals, pets) + Mini Chaos Cards S1-S11 Locations (S1-S11 Bosses)
July 22, after first CS fight S12 Level: 400,
Master Level: 399
Gold Chaos Cards + Ruud Nixies Lake (Nix)
August 22 S13 Level: 400,
Master Level: 500
Rare Chaos Cards Deep Dungeons, Swamp of Darkness (God of Darkness)

More information about the server can be found here.

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