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Rampage x20 unique progressive server

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Unique progressive server presented by Norebirth is on the way! We are pleased to announce the launch of the new server will take place on June 22 at 18:00 server time. We're ready to give you something special, something that you won't found among the endless grey mass of other MU Online servers. Rampage hasn't been left without innovations, in which we will release an old dream of each fan of this game. First of all, it's about... complete lack of donate items! Secondly, in order to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Rampage introduces you a new innovation - progressive content, meaning that each month a new content will be released. Only honest farm, fair PvP/PvM and complete satisfaction from the game process!

We are assuring that we will not stop there and that our development team will only continue to please our players with the best service and most importantly the enjoyment we can humanly provide to our cold machines. In other words, players can expect some undesirable effects to be resolved as soon as they are noticed. We have years of experience that we have invested into Rampage but as players must know, crashes can be very sudden and surprising. Although having large confidence and experience, the population cap remains an unknown figure.

Just a little information for those, who don't know yet what our game server is famous for and what our emulator is capable of. Norebirth - a project that has been brought near to the perfection. Only on our server you will find novelties, such as castle building system, achievements and others. In fact, our server is fully play to win, with lots of ways to earn, the most alternative ways includes: «Market», «Voting», «Achievements», «Auction», «Referral system» and, of course, events from game masters.

Rampage will work on a Season 13 Part 1-2 Emulator with unique settings and our custom features. It is a medium rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset lovers. Rampage is expected to be launched on June 22 at about 18:00 server time. The reason we chose this day and time is that most people will be free from work and studies, yet before peak hours' smashing impact. This will also be an optimal time for many staff members as we expect to work without sleep during the early launch days.

Please remember the points that are mentioned above, have an understanding of our workload and remain patient, since expected or unexpected issues may arise. If for any reason any of the particular thing turns our to be wrong or unplanned - make a constructive thread on our forum and we can assure you that we will take a look on that as soon as possible.

And the most important thing! Get ready for the launch! Call your friends and share this post on fb! With the launch day of our most ambitious non-reset server to date, we are pleased to award every single player with a one day beginner starting bonus.

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