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Offlevel System

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Groot    173

This system allows you to automatically level up your character while you are offline. You don't need to keep your game window open, a minimal set of actions will level up your character by himself.


offlevel.pngTo activate it, you must type /offlevel in the chat. Once you have entered this command, a message in the system will notify you about the offline level up operation, and about what skill you are going to use. After that you can press Alt + F4, and the system will keep working. After your window is closed, a message will appear on your Personal Store [OFF-LEVEL / AFK], whereas none of the players will be able to interact with you. Offlevel feature lasts up to 24 hours (12 hours for non vip users).

Main features

The system works similarly to MU Helper, however with some slight differences. After activation, your character will start using all active skills, not more often than once in a second. Your character will stay still at the coordinates you have left him. In addition, your character will collect nearest rare items - excellent, ancient and also repair his broken equipment automatically. Offlevel maintenance does not require zen or other resources. If your character gets killed during the offlevel, then he will be disconnected and moved to the safe zone. User does not have any other privileges towards offlevel system.

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