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Achievement System

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Achievement system on our server - a logical extension to the final part of leveling. Wide coverage of all the gameplay aspects in quests generates additional interest to the game itself, and completing achievements allows you to earn more game currency and strengthen your character.

To get your hands on the achievements, you need to fulfill the reset requirements, as well as collect a specified amount of Zen and Ruud (unlock the achievements). To get familiar with the actual conditions you need to login to your personal account and click the achievement icon in the game services section.


How to start
After collecting required amount of resources, you can activate achievement system. After activation, you will have to choose the character with whom you want to start earning achievements. Collecting achievements is allowed for every character on the account, however you will have to unlock them for each of your characters additionally. After unlocking achievement system for the particular character, it cannot be deleted anymore. Once you've selected your character - you can get in touch with the achievement table, with their tasks and rewards.

After completing all achievements, you will get rewarded with w coins and a permanent buff - Seal of Destiny, increasing your character's critical and excellent damage rate.

Reward for completing all the achievements

Seal of Destiny
Critical Damage +15% / Excellent Damage +15%

2000 W Coins
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