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Beginner Starting Bonus

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Groot    173

If you are beginner and you are playing on our project for the first time, you can use our beginner starting bonus. It will simplify your character levelling. Choosing the necessary items will increase the amount of gaining experience or increase your damage. First you have to create the character you want to play with (in the game). After that you have to sign in on the website. Now, in the services section, choose 'Gifts from administrators'. There you will see a short description of the bonus. You can now choose the character you want to play with.


Next, you have to decide which items are necessary for you. By pointing on each of them, you will see their characteristics.


Once you have selected items, choose your character and press 'activate starting bonus'. Done! Bonus has been received, transferred to the game, and located in the Cash Shop, which can be opened in safe locations by hotkey - X. Now choose your items in the storage section and press the 'Use' button in order to transfer them to your inventory.

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