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Extreme x100 server information

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Deryos    64


x100 'Extreme' - dedicated static high rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset lovers. Extreme is about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only. Extreme includes only a very limited x shop - no full option sets or other gaming valuables that can negatively affect play to win factor. What it takes for you to become a true extreme of norebirth world?

Server features
Norebirth works only with Webzen's official platform. Main server features can be seen below.

Server features
Game Version:
Season 13 Part 2-2
Normal level rates:
Master level rates:
Drop rates:
Zen rates:
Max level:
Max master level:
Stats for each level:
Guild creation level:
Joining gens level:
Mu Helper activation level:

Party system
When your character is levelling in the party, your experience is modified depending on character classes and levels. Thus, player party without repeatable classes (Gold Party) gets +10% bonus experience for each player. However if party consists of same player classes, it gets a penalty -10% of acquired experience. Furthermore, total amount of penalty and bonus is divided among all members of the party, depending on their level difference. The greater level difference among players is, the greater penalty or bonus they will receive.

- 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players
Normal party -20% -30% -40% -50%
Gold party - +30% +40% +50%

Experience rates
Character's levelling consists of total - 1000 levels. At level 400 DW / DK / ELF / SUM classes will be awarded with 2235 stat points (including Marlon and 3rd class quest completion bonus points). MG / DL / RF / GL classes will be awarded with 2853 stat points (including 3rd class quest completion bonus points). Additionally, extra stat points can be earned from fruits. At level 800 each class will be awarded with extra 400 master level points, which can be used in the master skill tree. However, the most interesting part comes when the player has reached level 800, since now he will be able to transcendence his character to 4th class. At this stage, player can earn extra 200 level/skill points to become a true extreme of norebirth world. Meanwhile, player will be able to start our unique achievement system when he has reached level 400, in order to earn more game currency and strengthen his character with a permanent buff.

Level Normal Experience Master (3rd Class) Experience Master (4th Class) Experience
1 - 399 x100 - -
400 - 799 - x100 -
800 - 1000 - - x100

You can find general description about the server here.

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