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Earring accessory

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Where to get

Containers Shiny Earring Box (Left) and (Right) earrings can be found from one of the following bosses: Core Magriffy, Lord of Ferea, Nix and God of Darkness. Earrings can have up to 3 Excellent options and 2 Mastery bonus options.

Rage Earring (Left) Rage Earring (Right)
earring-left.png earring-right.png


Possible Excellent options for Rage Earring (Left) Possible Excellent options for Rage Earring (Right)
Skill Damage Increase +17
ATK / HP +20
Excellent Damage Power Increase +35
Critical Damage Power Increase +35
Maximum Life Increase +200
Attack Speed Increase +7
Excellent Damage Probability Increase +4%
Critical Damage Probability Increase +4%
AG Automatic Recovery Increase +10
Maximum Mana Increase +200


Possible Mastery bonus options
Ignore Enemy Defense +1%
All Stats Increase +4


You can raise level of the earring in the chaos of machine through "Earring reinforcement" section. For an upgrade use Three Vacancies item, which can be mixed from regular jewelry in the chaos machine through "Accessory Combination" section. As well, Three Vacancies Box can be acquired from normal monsters in locations, such as Nars, Ferea, Nixie Lake, Deep Dungeon 1-5 and Swamp of Darkness.

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