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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have this problem that when i /offlevel, my character, its not attacking. it just buffs itself then just stands there. Is this because of my Mu Helper settings? everything works fine when im using it online..
  2. Help !!!

    Por favor Please, help me, my chars are connected after Offlevel and I can not access the account Dear: ColdS Dear: WindS too I hope your quick solution, thanks
  3. Good day admin! Good Day sir, i have a problem regarding /offlevel. i set my character to /offlevel and then it got disconnected. I try ko login it again but it always appeared to be account is connected to the server.
  4. Offlevel

    So.... How Summoner is supposed to offlevel? Chain Lightning ALWAYS misses on offlevel and has no aoe, Lightning Shock has no aoe, all of the book skills have no aoe/dot dmg... Is this a joke? Same goes for SM. The ONLY skill that is worth using is Flame because it's the only skill that can hit more then 1 target even on offlevel. Meteor Storm? Fk that only 1 mob and only 1 tick of dmg. Soul Seeker? Blast? No Aoe, 1 tick of dmg. Evil Spirit? Good luck with this one ROFL. A FKING JOKE. DL on Wind Soul deals only 1 tick of dmg out of fking 4 and has no aoe. Can't really be certain on this but if this server shares offlevel plugins/configs/whatever with now dead 100x server then VRFs/ERFs can't offlelev at all. While ARFs and AEs and SMGs using PS have the pleasure of an actual aoe on offlevel that WORKS. Looking at the unplayable, buggy, half-assed mess that is igcns s12 I honestly doubt their s13 will fix ANYTHING.