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Found 16 results

  1. Feedback

    Do you think about creating events to attract new players? Do you have an idea for a new server or a new version?
  2. i can't log in game, i dowloaded pacth...
  3. !!!EXIT GAME!!!!!

    My game window is regularly escaped when I'm playing online with 3 accountsThis happened when I played in season 13I have reinstalled the windownRemove the antivirus software on the computerThat still happens It made me unable to play online 24/24
  4. forget account name

    hi ADM I have 10 account at the asgard server and I can't save name of 1 account Elf top 1 server asgard lSo2l ADM can provide the help account name me can provide your password and email of the account
  5. When we can get to the map of the Valley of Loren???
  6. Please available quest guide in Miracle sever. I already test quest guide in Asgard it works very well but somehow in Miracle sever they don't even work at all. We need jewel , zen, items ...etc from Quest guide please available them as soon as possible.

    when i log SM character Surely one thing will happen is exit an online game window Can you tell me when this will be corrected I can not afk 24/24 when playing online
  8. Add WCoins

    hi I'm a free event Wcoin winner i dont play sv x50 Please donate the coins to the server Asgard
  9. HELP!!!! Exit GAME

    My game window is regularly escaped when I'm playing online with 3 accounts This happened when I played in season 13 I have reinstalled the windown Remove the antivirus software on the computer That still happens It made me unable to play online 24/24
  10. Battle Core Sever

    Unable to connect to Battle Core server!!!
  11. I know at this time you are concerned about sv x50 But can you give me an explanation: 1. The amount of zen in the labyrinth is too low 2. Blood / Devil's in these two events, how do I make a box ruud Greater
  12. Error to fix ss13!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    exp at events BC / DS being reduced There is no ruud box in BC Fix ZEN EXP sv2 29/5000
  13. when Maze reset

    when it is reset
  14. Dont PICK JEWS/Offlevel

    The new SV will be fair if the clone account does not exist Will not pick up jewelry when you offlevel Dont clone = do not select jews / offlevel
  15. Dopple Event

    You said fix it, just 3 players Why need 5 players to join?
  16. Help. stuck character

    My character IGN Smoking stuck and cant login anymore.. thanks