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  1. BUGGS X20 Rampage server

    Correction for Red Dragon event. Verry often they DONT drop item.
  2. BUGGS X20 Rampage server

    Event pop ups faill!! For some time now no notification for upcoming events like bc, ds , cc, ect. pop up on screen. As a result, to enter bc or ds one needs to go to event map and manualy click on the npc. Since there is no npc for entering cc and just right click on the invite, its impossible to participate in this event. Many players already reported this bug, but no actions have been taken. Are you intentionally trying to kill this server?
  3. Silvester - 1 boss mob dissapears = Silvester's shield don't come off. Red Dagon - verry often drop item. Red Cherry Blossoms- stacks on 30psc, but requires 50 for combination in npc. Magni core - the other day boss in core droped us exl BA items ( idk if that's a bugg or it has some % chance). EE offlevel - heals when hp is on 10%, that's insufficient for spots with strong mobs like nars for example (this one is more of a request to fix if possible). Kundun - sometimes drop less than 3 items, no ancient. Please respond when you can. There are still ppl playing in X20, some attention would be nice.