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  1. Game client is lagging

    Hey there! I have some annoying problems with the client.It is well known that Season 13 is heavier than previous season but the loading time of the client is more than 3,4 minutes.Also I have some strange lags in specific cities: -for example in Elbeland (without players inside I have the same amount of lag like I am in Noria with 15+ ppl). -In other zones I don't have any lags. Tried to check in the settings, changed the resolution to lower or higher (currently playing on 1280x960 4:3 windowed) and nothing changed, it is all the same.Can this be fixed somehow? My pc configuration: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz Motherboard: Asrock B85 Pro 4 Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB Dual channel 799.8 MHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB
  2. Errtel crafting

    I see, thanks!
  3. Kundun dmg not displayed?

    So basically he refils his HP during the fight and thats why we can't dmg him?
  4. Kundun dmg not displayed?

    We killed Kundun yesterday but I coulnd't resist to ask, sometimes our heroes just cast and no damage is displayed, the question is - are we damaging the Kundun without the numbers displays or we are not doing dmg to him at all?
  5. Errtel crafting

    Hey! I couldn't notice that every time I try to craft an Errtel the end result is always Errtel of Anger.I tried to learn everything in internet but there is no info about that, is it a bug or I am not doing it right?
  6. Can't open Card Game

    Nop, you just don't get it.It is bugged, but if I close the entire launcher and start it again it fixes by itself. Problem solved.
  7. Can't open Card Game

    There is no such a window.
  8. Can't open Card Game

    Hey! I have some annoying bug, can't open the card game (it always opens me the "Cherry Blossom Event"), sometimes it lets me open it but most of the times doesn't.
  9. SM Wizardry bug?

    @Groot Tried to relog, it is the same, even when I relog I always lose 50 wizardry.Can you check logs if its really like that?P.s. if I level up Magic Mastery (from ML) I lose even more.
  10. SM Wizardry bug?

    Hey there. So I kinda tested it and I don't know if it should be like this: I start with +473 Wizardry dmg, after I buff myself with Expansion of Wizardry Mastery (its upgraded Enhance from ML) I have +421 which is reduced with 50 wizardry?I tried to read in webzen forums, but there is no mention that Wizardry gets reduces when you use the buff. Before the buff: After the buff:
  11. Client bugs?

    Hey there! I noticed some really annoying screen bugs on the client.It's not that great deal but its annoying, also sometimes if you move your cursor to a item in some cases the box of the item appears and it doesn't disappear and you can't see any other item even if you move them, put the cursor on them and etc.I attach one screen to see how it is and tell me how to fix it. Thanks
  12. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    Voyager, Rampage 1.Card game doesn't works, once I were able to open it, the rest of the time opens the Cherry Blossom event info. 2.According to the Entry Levels and if they are correct, why you don't change the drop of materials for each even (DS,BC,IT) related to the specific map where people level?For example, if 300-399 is BC 3, make it drops till k2 and k3.400-549 make it drop on higher maps like LaCleon, Relics and so on.