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  1. Thoughts on server

    Okay so, July 23rd. Let me start by saying that when I first joined the server with my group of friends we were all very excited when we saw how quickly your team responded to bugs in the system. I remember telling them that even if the server wasn't perfect, at least we could count on you taking care of the server. For the first couple of weeks your team was always very present (even if not in game, we could always message on forum chat and we'd usually get a reply in a 3h window at most, sometimes instantly). Now however, it can take multiple days to even get a reply on forums. What's more.... how is it possible that there is a MAJOR bug with the single biggest update for the server that we've had and it still hasn't been fixed? I would perhaps be more willing to accept this is you had put up any kind of notice about the bug or just, like, made a post explaining that you have to wait for developers or something but instead there's nothing. Which brings me to my next point: everyone knows that there's not a lot of people let in the server. And that's fine. What is not fine is that you knew that every single one of us has been anxiously waiting for the next stage release (heck that's the only reason some people stuck around). What is not fine is that you literally just dumped the release on us without even showing your face in the server for 5min and clearly didn't bother to maybe even, I don't know, go Lorencia to kill a spider and see if it worked all right. I understand that people leaving the server that you probably worked on a lot at the start is disheartening but if you're abandoning your own project, how do you expect other people to not abandon it too?
  2. Muun pet bug list

    So I'm sure you already know this seeing as to how many posts about this there are but, Muun pets are seriously bugged. Here's a few things that I've noticed: -Generally speaking Muun pets only work well in Crywolf server. -When opening a new muun egg the pet never shows in your inventory (even though you get the system notification) -Older muun pet get replaced by new muun pet you open. -All pets in your inventory disappear until you go Crywolf and come back (not sure what triggers this but happens at least once a day) -Equipped pets don't show in game/disappear from screen. Which means there's no pet bonus and can't mount. -Can't mount especial muun. After managing to make the pet appear Ctrl+z hotkey shows on screen but nothing happens when used. Please figure this out. As it stands pets are completely unreliable and it's a shame. Especially knowing how long you've been aware of these bugs.
  3. My character link: https://mu.norebirth.com/char/vinci/rampage Offender's character link: https://mu.norebirth.com/char/Orianna/rampage https://mu.norebirth.com/char/TheDeath/rampage https://mu.norebirth.com/char/Magic/rampage Broken rule: 1.6 Evidence: https://ibb.co/d5qpMd https://ibb.co/eDjunJ
  4. Cain Verbal abuse(insult) Rule 1.6

    That feel when not even your guildmates want anything to do with you ^^ But yes, Eleeri, my qualms aren't with you or the rest of your guild (alz3n is pretty chill). I do however think you should keep your people in check. For the good of the server.
  5. Cain Verbal abuse(insult) Rule 1.6

    You ruined an event for over 10 people and you have the nerve to complain? Or are you intentionally getting on everyone's nerve so you can get pity bans on everyone? Is that is? You want to be the last person playing on the server? Ludicrous. Why don't you also post a picture of you spawn killing noobs with your maxed characters over and over because they had the nerve to kill one of your alts? I think that would be more interesting for Groot to see.
  6. Skill tree

    Okay so, again, I might be going crazy here but, why can't I add points to Magic pin mastery? I have 12 points in the power up and even with 10 extra free points it wont allow me to and shows the requirement in red. Am i missing something? https://pasteboard.co/HsgY35A.png https://pasteboard.co/HsgYqLR.png
  7. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    Unnecessary? Resetting stats was never part of the game until servers figured out they could profit off it but at this low price that's not even a thing to be said here.
  8. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    Vinci, Rampage 1. Is there a possibility to add in game time = wcoins? Most servers have this and I think that as long as it's done well (very very low exchange rate) it could help the balance between vip and non-vip users. 2- Increase price for stat reset. It's waaaay too cheap. It kind of cheapens the whole experience of building a character when you can just pay 5wc and switch at any point. I suggest either increasing the price over all OR paying 5wc per single stat reset OR increasing prices per use ( 1st reset 5wc, 2nd reset 20wc, 3rd 100wc...) 3- Please have your team check /offlevel. My friends and I have been having troubles with it to the point we no longer use it because it's too unreliable. Characters disconect a few minutes after /offlevel despite not getting killed. 4- Incompatibility between /offlevel and /setparty commands. When you /offlevel a character other people can no longer use /setparty to join. Likewise, when switching party masters any /setparty is lost. 5- /dcfriend command 6- Making chat colors more distinct and easier to differentiate from each other. 7- Pk clear with wc shouldn't be a thing. Pk clear shouldn't be a thing, period. 8- http://www.mobiamo.com/ Aaaand lastly not exactly a suggestion but, is the summon assist intentionally disabled? If so, would you mind explain why?