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  1. Nightmare

    Hi there i am getting frustrated about nightmare battle i finish the event 3 times successfully and i am not in the event top not even 1 point, can you guys please check about it Regards Vape
  2. Hi there i would like to know where drop or how can i get Muun Energy Converter i have lots of unwanted pets and soon i will have muun inventory filled up. I wanna mention i had all kind of eggs and farm in all maps and never find it Regards Vape
  3. Offlevel error

    From what i know i saw some players offlevel in losttower like 3,6,7 . Try to set up mu helper again and maybe will work
  4. LOT

    Hi there I do like to know what's the drop chance of ancient items in LOT my self and guild members farming there from over 20 hours and still no ancient items drop. Regards Vape
  5. Mastery

    I see you guys posted will be an event tomorrow so maybe after event you can check this bug as well. I am not the only 1 the same problem is on 50x too UP

    BUY> Elune Demonic Pants, Exe Demonic helm +lk+any option, Exe Demonic boots +lk+any option SELL> 2x AA claws (1) +9+skill+lvl/20+2% (2)+9+lk+8/mana SELL> Kantata Plate Armor%Gloves Server Destiny10x Mail me in game VapeFM
  7. Status online

    Eleeri say the true i have only 2 accounts RF and Summ
  8. Status online

    It is Real but some of the players have 10 accounts ...
  9. Is this a bug ?

    i have the same problem on Desiny
  10. Mastery

    Hi Admin/Moderator i have a problem i cannot put Points on Boost maximum vitality (requires rank 7 "Dark Side Mastery" with a grade higher than 10, but this skill is only 10/10 ) Can you please check why is not working . Thank you Vape
  11. Not Actions While Offlevel

    Set on your mu-helper just 1 skill (attacking one) play mu-helper and after /offlevel
  12. Hi Groot, the chaos card is nice, but will be more nice if will be added on drop in some event or something maybe Blood castle or Devil square. Thanks Prime
  13. Universe, Asgard, 1.6

    Is True all the time i see him use bad words in global and gens chat
  14. I have nothing for RF at the moment but I will keep some items if I get some