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  1. Not Getting Mastery box rewards(RUUD)

    Yeah I know but I feel that i have killed that many mobs but still the rewards are not coming. I cannot get greater box in bc the one time, and after many tries to get nothing or minor box the other while the difficulty remains the same. I would understand if i only got minor all the time but the rewards seem so random.And most times are nothing.
  2. Hallo, The last days/weeks i go to ds/bc/cc but from the 10 runs (either win or lose) only 1-2 will I get ruud reward. Is it some kind of problem/bug ?or is this the same for all? I have collected the last 2-3 weeks only around 5k ruud. It will take ages to even get the first BA item. Let me know what is going please! Thank you!
  3. 1st quest bug?

    Hallo, My elf cannot seem to find Scroll of the emperor for the last 24 hours. Either Solo or in party in LT7 I cannot find it. Am I doing something wrong? or is it a bug?