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  1. Extreme, 14.02.2019 16:00 (GMT+2)

    ele play ?
  2. last chance for a game here or will the server start today? xD
  3. more about which?
  4. all admin offline ;p
  5. calmly groot explain it will make the event and we will all happily lvl up
  6. maybe they actually set the start wrong by an hour; d
  7. should delete 2 old servery and create 1 stable
  8. his server is just fine, as always, has a bad start
  9. but this one has unique settings
  10. maybe it will not be so bad :)
  11. the server has not moved?
  12. hi can I use a better vote for more people to play?
  13. problem

    4/4 relog ... change me 0/4 2 day no use bc ds
  14. problem

    Hi have problem , limit bc no clear