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    B> W3 sm +L B> xDA xHA clean staff +EDR+L
  2. Groot you wanted report, you got it. You loaded patch, without checking it, no idea how many things are fucked up, noticed only that: maze bug, xp broken, red dragons and goldens dying from 1 hit, no drop from event stuff. Couldn't register for arca. Silver tried to register for 4 mins, all Deryos had to say was"Read Guide" well, Silver did it same as last 3 weeks, back then everything was wroking fine.From the tech like you Deryos i guess i cant expect to give me a serious answer, ur just gonna shoot "Ready Guide" well, im gonna shoot, go fishing mate, leave taking care of server for someone who is capable of it Sad thing is, how easy it is for you to just shit on other peoples time and effort. Other peoples time is also valuable.
  3. Maze of dimensions Bug

    DD had slightly better XP than nixie, better than best spots in nixie. We can talk little differneces, but now u have 4-5times WORSE xp on higher maps, dude.
  4. Maze of dimensions Bug

    absolute ye as i thought u have no idea what are u talking about. Buriza yes, you got 4x worse xp in swamp than nixie, nixie gives most xp, more than DD and SWAMP
  5. Maze of dimensions Bug

    Absolute better exp and mobs in nixie than DD and SWAMP make sens to you ? gz.
  6. Season 13 Wings in X- Shop = Why Not

    Im following forum from time to time, not really wirting anything, but when i saw this topic and read about wings in xshop i just stopped there. Instead of focusing who obtained what and when just play ur game, grind ur lvl and gain items, bring people to the server, stop complainig for fuck sake. Cause people who still play here are playing with somebody, if i was here alone its done for me, this server is literally DEAD. Only bots and 3-4-5th accs of somebodys. If you want all in xshop the game have no sens then. Its just game its not life, I THINK.
  7. SELL DL 568

    Selling DL 568lv nick GRINGO u can check gear on website.
  8. B> Anubis armor

  9. B> Anubis armor

    Anubis arm jewels/wc
  10. Evomon bugged

    Same here
  11. TRADE

    2nd sum wings for sm or bk, ingame juzek