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  1. B>Vicious

    B>Vicious Helm, Armor, Pants, Ring pm me
  2. WCoins Transfer

    I mean can you?
  3. WCoins Transfer

    Good day admins @Groot @Deryos can i transfer my WCoins to my other account so that i can buy in in game shop.
  4. B>Chaos/Dragon wing

    B>>>Chaos wing or Dragon wing+L = BLESS/WC
  5. B>>Storm Jahad +L+ref

    B>Storm jahad+L+ref (BOOTS, ARMOR, HELM)
  6. B>Ex Storm Jahad+Luck+ref

    B>>Ex storm Jahad+L+ref (ARMOR, HELM, BOOTS)
  7. Chaos Machine percentage

    Me too failed 90% for 2x already.
  8. Cant login after off level

    @Deryos username: awnicho10 char name: Tulisa level: 415 class: Grow Lancer
  9. Good day admin! Good Day sir, i have a problem regarding /offlevel. i set my character to /offlevel and then it got disconnected. I try ko login it again but it always appeared to be account is connected to the server.
  10. B>Agnis Armor, Pants, Helm

  11. B>Agnis Armor, Pants, Helm

    B>>Agnis Helm, Armor, Pants = WC (mail me ign:BOOFBUFF)