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  1. SELL GL 760 Master

    SELL GL DOOM (VIP 30 day) = 15$ Invoice: https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#AGLK24CBQR7QJHQU When you make a successful payment, message me via Facebook, I will send you an account https://www.facebook.com/bbmt126
  2. SELL GL & DL

    SELL GL 748LV name id Doom (VIP, Achievement...) SELL DL 676 LV name id NellyK https://mu.norebirth.com/char/NellyK/miracle offer inbox
  3. B>DL & BK LVL 600 +

    you don't need GL?
  4. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    Bác giỏi quá @@ vào Guild chưa chúng em cần bác
  5. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    wtf I feel unfair to others
  6. Maintenance on 04.04.2018

    There is a small error I found: when EF uses drop monster skills, EF will hit the monster itself
  7. Add WCoins

    Nếu Root không thu hồi anh có thể cho em 200wc đó nhé