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  1. Guess who has next batch of glitches?

    if I remember correctly, xThunder staff+8+16 was enough for 1-2 stones
  2. Evomon bugged

    Any update on this matter? People are losing stuff due to a bug. Are you going to fix the bug? are you going to reimburse the loss? Thanks
  3. Evomon bugged

    Hi I believe my special evomon got bugged, it simply disappeared about 30 seconds after it got summoned. when I tried to summon a new one, it told me I have already summoned an evomon, it even showed me cords on which the evomon is, however I'm unable to locate map called "20746"... here's a snip of the error I get https://imgur.com/a/acanz It seems like i'm not the only one who had this problem. puvi reported the same thing on chatbox Since my evomon bugged (before I got any reward from it), and it takes at least 1 week to gather the whole scroll, would it be possible to get the scroll back? Thanks
  4. Acquiring good/end game items

    for now, you should use gears from firecrackers + some exc items if you can afford them at lvl400, when you're done with your 3rd quest, you could try to get some BA items from nars at lvl500 you have DA items at lvl600 you can hunt HA items. you have world bosses that drop exc versions of these items you can buy ancient version of these items for ruud (reward for completing bc/ds/cc+few more events on lvl400+) lvl350 is like 1 day of playing. getting to end game requires 2-4 weeks.
  5. MUUNs disappeared

    relog again, that should fix it. Happened to me couple of times, they always come back sooner or later.
  6. Chaos machine and create stone...

    simple, Explosive Blade is lower tier than "Excl. Dragon/Legendary/other class analogue items:"
  7. Miracle, 12.04.2018 19:00 (GMT+3)

    Seriously? event in the middle of the week? I know you guys are unemployed, but still, could you move it to Saturday/Sunday?
  8. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    I've also seen some BK (around lvl 590) do 5-10x more dmg on red dragons (and on loren deep minibosses) than same lvl GL. who knows, BK might be stronger than GL, why not. But killing bosses in 5seconds? something smells fishy here. doesn't seem like admins care about cheaters tho.

    go to crywolf and walk to loren from there.
  10. Hi, Mu Roomy has it's own monthly ranking, I've heard bombs event might get ranking as well. I wonder, when can we expect it to appear? It shouldn't take long to add so I'm saving my cards right now, but if it's nowhere near your priority, I'd just use my cards asap. Cheers