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  1. Imperium

  2. Imperium

  3. Imperium

    Join our Discord, so we can talk more.
  4. Imperium

    Hello everyone! Imperium is looking for Active and competitive players. Here is our DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RfcaVS5 Feel free to ask any questions here, in game or in Discord. Apply for guild via Discord/mail or forum here. Arca WAR/Castle Siege/Events/Best community.
  5. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    ty, i will.
  6. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    Says the guy who Cheats. lol Why would i lie, i asked for sword, u asked for MG items, where i lie? Get out of here, u are getting banned tomorrow.
  7. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    Fucking retard, i said to you give me sword- i will get Anc items for MG, u werent even using that sword. good that u are out of my guild, put your aa sword in ur asshole,
  8. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    Me from Vietnam, me name SugarDaddy me ne hock, me loyal player, ty. P.S get out of here Monkeys, youre already in ban list.
  9. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    BAN THEM ALREADYL Fashen / HuiZai / Jessa , those 3x motherfuckers came to VIP server, came to our spot and with fucking cheats taking all XP, mobs dieing in 1second
  10. Asgard

    Just Join Miracle
  11. Asgard

    There is zzKINGzz in Asgard, he will keep it alive, he even registered to CastleSiege. All jokes aside, ofcourse Asgard is completely dead, it happens.
  12. ARF, BK ruud skills in offlevel

    What about Loch feather drop?
  13. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

  14. Can't buy item in X-shop

    If RUUD will be disabled forever, i can imagine how much peopel will be with BA... anc sets Looking at BloodCastle rankings, seems like noone even is trying to farm ruud. As Groot said, RUUD in x=shop is for people who cant play 24/7