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  1. Fake Taxi

    Hello everyone!FakeTaxi is looking for active and competitive players.Have TS Ask any questions here, in game or in mail.We guarantee good fun and great compan. Our taxi will take you to the top Arca WAR/Castle Siege/Events/PvP.
  2. Kundun Bug

    Hi, Im kill kundun s1 11:05 but but he wrote that someone else killed him and nothing drop out... I was the same yesterday . on s2 it passed me normally... it seems that whoever hits him first kills him and buged drop;/ please fix it
  3. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    1. Silver , Rampage. 2. Up % whit DDI JOH. please set up as on a global server all option excepr dd have global set;/ Delete pk warp. PK he should not take it warp
  4. Selupan kill

    s1 3:48 gmt+1 30.06
  5. Doppler Ganger

    Hi, Event is not working;/ We go full pt and after start we have kick to event sq;/
  6. Selupan kill

    then the silver kill selupan message appeared ... he did not move behind the wall and my debuf killed him
  7. Selupan kill

    Hi, Hmmm, kill agin selup s1 3:48 gmt+1 no in ranked....
  8. Selupan kill

    Hi, Im killed selupan 27.06.2018 in s1 server hmm +/- 20:00 gmt+1 Im have message Silver kill Selupan but no have info in web in ranking;/
  9. Sell 3rd RF Cape

    Clear cape?