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  1. SELL CHAR and Jewel

    Give jewels before u get banned
  2. Sell BM w3 +9

  3. Sell BM w3 +9

    600(TAX included) then ok.
  4. Sell BM w3 +9

    500wc +w3 sum +return+mana
  5. Permanent experience boost

    it wont be easy. even with 500x
  6. Permanent experience boost

    Fast 920? XP for last LVL, First of all make some colculations and then talk, otherwise: Shut the fuck up, thanks!
  7. Lvling after 800LvL

  8. Lvling after 800LvL

    sorry but....are u smoking something or using drugs? this is 50x server, u need 20 billion for 401 lvl, it will take you days to get it wihtout vip and xp boost. Whats the interest? I will do BC/DS/CC/golds/drgons/complete achievements/pvp/duel/CastleSiege/.ArcaWar/Bosses(Knicks/Magni/Sylvester/Kundun7 etc...) its should be 2week at best spot with vip and full xp boost for reaching 900. If you gonna lvl up with no xp boosts it will take you months ofcourse. Its not 1x server, its 50x, sa i said, it should be much fasster then 1lvl per week. Before write smthing, atleast reach 800, which u probably wont do in next month anyways, GL with lvling and enjoying season13 then, the XP after 800 is completeliy broken and noone will reach 850 lvl, in this server (not even talking about 900), 50-70 billion per level will take you months of lvling without xp boost and vip. GL n HF.
  9. Lvling after 800LvL

    Time to stop lvling, no point spending thousands of wcoins to just gain 10-20 shitty lvls in 1 month, this is completely broken. Playing season13, cant even get first 20lvls, whats the point of season13, if we cant even get lvls after 4th class? Its 50x, not 1x server.
  10. SELL GL 760 Master

  11. Lvling after 800LvL

    I was in all deep dungeons1=5, there is not even 5+ mob spots, each mob gives 4mil xp with full xp boost(deepdung5), per sec xp will be 1=2 million MAX, and if you do maths, you still need months of lvling to reach atleast 850, i am not even talking about 900, it will take a year, honestly. If you really do testings on this bullshit, you will see the real deal. Just make party on test server with 800lvl chars, and look how long it will take you to get atleast 20lvls. Around a month, not less. Dont make this server like Asgard... we want see s13 features, instead of that we need spend 100buck to just lvl up ''faster'' ? yeah.. faster 20lvls per month, seems very interesting gameplay. Forgot about free2play users, seems that they will never ever reach atleast first 20lvls of 4th class if nothing will be changed, mark my words.
  12. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    strong DL
  13. Lvling after 800LvL

    820 lvl needs 70billion xp, i am getting 1billion xp per 1hour so... 70hours =around 3days for 1lvl with full xp boosters,vip,good party... 3fucking days, i can imagine whats gonna happen after 850+lvl
  14. Lvling after 800LvL

    yes, but not more. i am okay with 2x more weeks suffering of afk lvling, if more than 2weeks, cmoon.. let us enjoy season13 stuff, farm RUUD, farm other things, but please.. not lvling