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  1. Wcoins and Offlevel

    Copied from the site's voting page. For further information/clarification :
  2. Voting Rewards Bug

    ^ Copied from the voting page. It is a well-known issue and the admins are aware of it.
  3. Server: Asgard Game nickname: XOPU3OHT Community/game forum links, where the server has been advertised on. 1. http://muserver-ads.online/showthread.php?20-AD-Norebirth-MuOnline-S13-Biggest-Non-Reset-Server-Coming-TODA-March-29-2018&p=30#post30
  4. Solution to the jewel issue?

    Disabling that was a good choice. Yesterday I managed to do some a small hunt to see the numbers of the event mobs, and they have been lowered down drastically, even though a fair amount does remain.I plan to do some more scouting later on today as well.
  5. Solution to the jewel issue?

    Good morning. Please note that at this point I am not certain if what I'm about to talk about has already been taken care of. If it is then this is a major fail and I will go sit in a corner out of shame somewhere for a few hours. If not; Please reduce the amount of Event monsters that drop eggs. At this point jewels have become worthless. Not just for trading items, but also selling for wcoins. The only 'exception' in this case is the Harmony that still holds some value. I see that there is was a similar topic that only addressed the issue, but I saw no opinions when it came down to amounts, rates and so on. As previously noted, it's easy to farm jewels and make a few stacks (20/30+/-) if you spend 2-3 hours hunting. Also, I haven't really been able to look at the new season's features, but I did see that the new wings lvl4 would require high-upgraded items in order to make them (Thus having jewels) The first thing I would like to see is having a MINIMAL amount of Event monsters. Perhaps 20-30 should spawn in different locations at different times and this would promote the idea of actually having to go out at random points and do some scouting. Having a Muun invasion or something like that 'Announced' with a Global / Admin message would just kill the fun. People would wait only for it, and newbies wouldn't stand much of a chance against some 12-year old that's better geared. The second thing I would like to see is the Eggs dropping a Muun. Maybe they could drop x1 jewel and have a 2-5% chance to drop x10 jewels (stacked ofc.)
  6. Muun problem

    Good day to you all. I browsed before-hand here in the forums, but I could not find anything related. For some reason, I cannot equip any of my Muuns. Also, when I "obtain" a muun, it's not showing in the Muun inventory, even though I have place (like 3/5 pages or so). I Tried going to Event Square a couple of times, but nothing happens. I assume I'll have to wait for s13?
  7. Server. Asgard Game nickname. XOPU3OHT Link of a status (mood) screenshot. https://prnt.sc/ittun3 Link of a group (conference) screenshot. https://prnt.sc/ittu09
  8. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

    What joke? My jewel offer? @TheVuong - Don't have that much atm., but thanks for checking.
  9. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

    I can offer you jewels. Tell me how much. P.S. Sorry for the late reply again. I was away for a few days.
  10. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

    Sorry for the late reply. I found Adamantine stuff earlier. So far I Need only w3 .
  11. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

  12. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

  13. Miracle x50 launch day information

    Before I begin, I would like the staff members to know that my comment is not meant to trigger / provoke or insult your ideas, opinions and the project, as a whole. I have played enough MU servers for the past couple of years to know where this is going. Most of the time, when a new server is announced, it often brings ' death ' to the current ones. Yet I understand Groot when he said that the new server will also bring more people (mostly for it, but still), it will keep the community going, and hopefully it will be for the best. I also support the idea of having a server migration as a plan "B", should the occasion arise. It will take a couple of months for players from Miracle to gear up, get to some decent, if not max ML, and overall just be a ' match ', give or take, when it comes down to pairing with someone from Asgard based on levels / gears and so on. I am really sick of starting one after another MU-servers. Every time it's the same. New server opens, current servers starts to die and dies after a few months (some even for weeks); server gets wipe, I start a new JUST so that another server can open up after sometime and this process repeats itself over and over again. If a migration were to happen, I do think that this Newortk (NoRebirth) will be the first one to offer migration as a service and save one's content and I do think that a lot of people will support it, since it's NOT WIPING, but it's actually giving you another chance to continue what you've accomplished so far. Sure, it will definitely be a lot more easier when it comes down to XP and I am aware that a lot of people spend a lot of $$ for seals / VIP, just so that they can get some ML, while in Miracle those ML might be achieved a lot more easier even without a VIP. Guess that will be one of the few things we'll have to live with, but I'm willing to accept it. Also, if the migration plan is a success and the Miracle server does not yet have people with decent-to-pro-gears, Asgards' players could have their gears/content 'locked' for sometime, till Miracle players actually start to get gears that come close to the ones of Asgard's ppl. Again, it's just a theory so far, but I am willing to bet...I'll bet you my lunch for today, that there is a very big potential in this idea.
  14. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

  15. B>GVS / W3 ELF - DL

    Updated / up up P.S. Groot - Thank you / TheVuong - thank you again