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  1. Item for create Wings lv 2.5

    can you add it to beam knights and balance the drop rate instead. because its easier to farm condor flame than these items..
  2. Hi, I would like to clarify if death beam knight souls drops only from death beam knight, or also on normal beam knights? it seems condor flame is easier to farm than this item..
  3. T>Lv3 Summ Wing= L3 Elf Wing

    Current Items for Trading XCE horus claw+edr+luck = xce quiver+edr+luck 2.5 (1pc) Wing materials = Death beam knight soul Summoner wing Lv3= Elf wing Lv3
  4. Wings Lv 3 How to make?

    -condor flame drops at crywolf barracks (and outside i think i heard read here before..)
  5. Wings Lv 3 How to make?

    http://muonline.webzen.com/guides/230/2111/season-13/season-13-game-play-improvement go to bottom of page
  6. T>Lv3 Summ Wing= L3 Elf Wing

    still available!
  7. Muun Evolution

    did u complete the level of the muun? example 0/3. u need 3x that muun to complete the 3 lvls. then u can evolve it.
  8. Trade My Lv3 Summ Wing +0+0 = L3 Elf Wing
  9. Event entry problem

    admins said u need to be offline at 00:00 time then ur entries will be reset. if not then it will not.
  10. where can i find archangel scroll +4

    try higher mobs left to warp spot of kanturu2.
  11. Buy wings elf/item elf

    give example of ur target elf items..
  12. Not Actions While Offlevel

    ur client will go offline. But if u check him with another character he should still be there. u can see people around with their personal shop with some sign like 'afk..' But if u dont see ur char online then maybe its ur settings. some people say if their char moves around, they dc.
  13. Cinemaniacs based on Christmas, 19.12.2018

    Hi, Still waiting for the coins. thanks
  14. Not Actions While Offlevel

    if u type /offlevel , ur mu will disconnect but ur char will continue to be online and do stuff depending on what u set on the Mu Helper.. but it will not loot. you can also use /offtrade to leave your char for selling (after u set ur merchandise on personal shop)
  15. Donation and WC

    if its paypal then it may take 24 hours.. sometimes a few minutes only...