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  1. Doppler Ganger

    @Barrion u are useless here Why are u posing ? Go on server, kill low levels Coz only this thing is for u
  2. Doppler Ganger

    Silver cry like always... Even cant google what is Doppelganger
  3. Skill tree

    Rly ?! U need to add 10 points in 6rank skill...
  4. Soul master

    Only RF and GL can solo exp in ubaid. I have elf 1.1k deff 3k hp and it is hard without potions. Sm is rly nice i try to ks mobs (SM) and he have faster killing. And True Sm need +15staff and Wings. Start play summoner or mg, u Will See shity champ Summoner have 2xless dmg than Sm no attack speed no deff. Weaknes rly dont work(maybe change 2%) Innovation too, Berserker sux as sell 😂 Everyone should play here Agi GL or RF git 😂 No one have any problems!
  5. Summoner... Champ without DMG and Deff ;D

    Yeyeyeyey scale Look no one play summoner. a lot of ppl start on begin of server, but now no one ! =] 300lvl 1500ene and 600 hits in icarus ? (i have 100agi no atack speed and no deff) Berserker give same bonus like Elf dmg buff ? Something is wrong with that champion ;D
  6. Summoner... Champ without DMG and Deff ;D

    Hmmmm i see u in game and u have more dmg than Elf, MG,DL ;D Try summoner ;D 1200 ene 500 in icarus
  7. Hello Dear Groot ! I just create Summoner to try why no one play her on this server and i have one conclusion: Summoner DMG is RLY RLY LOW. (so we dont have deff coz cant add any point to vit or agi) I have 200lvl (stick 76% 800 ene and wings 1lvl+7) and have MAXimum 600 hits - china light in Atlans 2. For example GL on 800 agi have 1800 hits. Elf with 800 agi hits 700 3x and have a lot Deff. In my opinion Summoner should have higer DMG, coz atm he is useless champ. EE buff (900ene, give same Dmg bonus as Berserker with 800ene) Maybe if u buff Summoner DMG more players start play this forgotten CHAMPION ! Cheers !
  8. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    Im my opinion 26 days i soo long. 14days can be better date ;D Ppl can start make lvl ;D
  9. Stat specialization (Elf bug)

    I have hope u have right... ! Thx for quick answer
  10. Stat specialization (Elf bug)

    Ok dear ADMIN ! I need 2 days to get some ML
  11. Stat specialization (Elf bug)

    So i need to waste wcoins. ok !
  12. Stat specialization (Elf bug)

    OK grot ! But this NEW one stat bonus dont work
  13. Dear Groot ! Sorry for my bad eng Im posting on chat about this bug. I was try to get bonuss dmg 2 times, at 1500agi and 2000 agi and nothing: -1900 agi in katru 2 ~1,064 hits, - 2100 agi kantru 2 1,134 hits. So ? In my opinion stat specialization do not work. 1500-2000agi have 10-20 % 2000-2500 have 20-30% increase dmg. 100 agi adds ~50dmg all the time, When i was 300agi elf, and atm when im 2000agi elf 100agi adds ~50dmg. If stats specialization working fine, 100 agi on 1500agi elf should add more dmg. Main problem is: when we open "C" and effect and options, i have only 39% increase dmg (wings)