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  1. Evomon bugged

    Just happened to me aswell.
  2. Red Cherry Branches

    Did try it. They are all stuck, even if I collect them from 1. Happened on 3 characters so far, so I gave up on collecting boxes for now.
  3. Red Cherry Branches

    Hi, Noticed, that after S13, the Red Cherry Branches do not stack at 50 like they should be, but rather they stop at 30. I figured I will give the cherry NPC a stack of 30 and a stakc of 20, so it will sum up to 50, but she will not accept 2 stacks. Also, splitting the Branches is not working, and I get no system message to tell me what I did wrong there, it just doesn't let me press OK when trying to split them. Thank you for your attention.
  4. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    It is Easter afterall, let the admins have a life. I am sure they will check it out as soon as possible.
  5. Nightmare Battle

    First 3 waves go smooth, and I get to the part where I have to defeat the 2 hands together. Usually, after you defeat them, you fall down, and fight the Nightmare, but now you just stay there and wait for the timer to go off. Could you look into this matter please? Thanks! Edit: Still can't refine my gems. Forgot to mention, this problem is on Asgard.
  6. Fenrir

    Well, I take this as a punishment for getting Fenrir on first try... even tho failed like 6-7 since then. Wish they would just stay at 0 hp with disabled effects, rather than dissapearing. Useless MUUN pets are staying with us forever, and rare Fenrir just dies...
  7. Fenrir

    So it happened. I wasn't paying too much attention to my Fenrirs hp, and dropped down to 0, while I left it afk in Maze "finish" square, in afk with helper on. Didn't think it would take so much dmg, and kill it off. I always thought it would drop to 0, and just loose the effect, like the MUUN pets are (as I have several MUUN pets on 0 life already). Remember guys! Do not let your fenrirs to reach 0 hp. NEVER!
  8. Fenrir hp

    So far I used 5 bless on it, and it was unequipped. Edit: Used 10 more bless on it, and finally healed up. Thanks for the % info.
  9. Fenrir hp

    As far as I know, Fenrir can be healed by adding 1 jewel of bless into it. It lets me put the bless into the horn, but it doesn't heal it up. Is there any other way to heal the Fenrir? Thanks for answers in advance.
  10. Season 13 Part 1-2

    Thanks, now I can try to finish it.
  11. Season 13 Part 1-2

    I have stopped with Maze, so I can finish it after S13... at least let us know if you reset maze before or after S13.
  12. BA ACC Elf set

    Waiting for you over 1h now.
  13. BA ACC Elf set

    This will be a hard bargain Sunday I might get on during daytime, since I have day off from work. Let's say about 1pm server time?
  14. BA ACC Elf set

    I check my account around 9:30 in morning, and than I play a bit from 9pm-1am (these are server times)
  15. BA ACC Elf set

    I keep posting your name, 3 different times a day, but you don't answer.