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    Hey Gms! I cant enter tournament square, i go to battle core and npc says that someone of the party its not enough lvl or something like that (i went with 2 chars same lvl). The event its bug or what?? Thanks.
  2. Mhack , Asgard, 1.6

    ban ban!
  3. B> Steel of Heaven!

    check messages, i sent you one
  4. B> Steel of Heaven!

    Still need 3x more!
  5. Pitu Buy Sell List

    I have bronce +L+DD helm in case u need
  6. Heaven Steel

    ill buy 4x for 220wc
  7. B> Steel of Heaven!

    your not online, pm me LuchoPato ign
  8. B> Steel of Heaven!

    name in game?
  9. B> Steel of Heaven!

    1 bought, need 6x
  10. B> Steel of Heaven!

    Post price and name in game! Need 7x
  11. S> PSS+Luck+EDR

  12. S/T Muren Set+7

    Sell or trade this set! post offer or mail me in game. IGN: Xeneth pd: I give for free atlans boots+DD+9 and a Exc Dark Reign+9+S+L+Speed+Mana to the one who buy this.
  13. Easy ISO LIst