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  1. G/S Keys

    hello there , i got few silver boxes , but i dont saw any keys in drop , i have them in helper for over week and still not even 1 key , can You check this
  2. LOT

    will do , ill leave 12 hr afk during tday night . I will post details tomorrow.
  3. Death Beam Knight Soul Drop?

    as I know , it should drops from both mobs You write before , and i agree with drop chance
  4. SM Teleport Can't attack

    telenova times end few seazon before bro , its not working like this anymore and that move must be from old seazon , we are play at seazon 13 ep 2-2.
  5. Nightmare

    hellot here , 2 days ago i killed nightmare at maya event , but i see event ranking dont show it , pls fix
  6. Nightmare

    7.12 23.08 server time killed second time , but nothing drops its possible ? and this time ill get on ranking as i see
  7. Is this a bug ?

    i think they still w8 for IGCN update to fix that , any way they could write smthg just in case if some1 its wondering when new uptade will ba avaible ask them www.igcn.mu cheers
  8. Update

    aaaa i see now all all its clear , dint know that You rent IGCN files , thought ya make updates by Your self ^^ ok TY for info
  9. Update

    hello there , any new info about dimension maze , how works its going on and when +/- it will be avaible ?
  10. Status online

    aaaaaa i see , okay okay sry mine bad
  11. A Few Guestions

    because you look only from kanturu 1 do relics , and satyros and GGD can be at other maps as well ,where i leave You with that question ;p find answer
  12. Status online

    no1. Guild its mine not Vape , second there is ip limit for 3 account per PC , and last one as i know vape got 2 account only
  13. A Few Guestions

    goldens works normally , screen made 10 min ago https://imgur.com/a/DsLlJZB
  14. Wings Lv 3 How to make?

    at crywolf as well starting from werewolf mobs
  15. Moonstone

    yea , only relics , end spot , thanks will try during the night
  16. Moonstone

    hello there , i wanna ask about moonstone pendant , drop chance its also extra low , or im just unlucky ?
  17. PKClear

    by killing mobs in game , fast kill count
  18. events

    will do like this tday no sense to ask you about same stuff all the time. thaks a lot for help
  19. events

    hello there yday before midnight 00.00 server time i had 4/4 (bm) 3/4(sm) at bc entrace , it should be reset after 00.00 at it was before at yours servers or its work diffrent than before ?
  20. events

    At BM fixed , that DC was from You ? now SM left still bc / cc 4/4 from yday
  21. where can i find archangel scroll +4

    monsters at level from 81 to 89 will drop ticket parts +4 http://muonline.webzen.com/guides/27/177/in-game-features/monsters
  22. events

    i notice that problem not only here , before NR start i was playing at other s13ep2-2 they had same problem -.-
  23. events

    still 4/4 nothing change , even arter rlg to server
  24. events

    sht dont work , yday i was 4/4 at bc , tday same situation and i was offline during the night , please fix that , chars Eleeri , MrWhite
  25. Donation and WC

    they will , just let some1 from administration read that post , or just w8 a bit , at last edition when i was using paypal i was waiting for 6hr until ill get coins at account. simply give them more time bro