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  1. Hacker???

    hahahah cmon , normal guys just create nick like this 4fun hahaha ahhhhhh 70 % of new players ask for zen specially at such hard server
  2. Mini bosses archeon

    Mini bosses at Archeon like Salamander or Gnome or any of them should drop pentagrams , right ? i alredy killed a lot of them 0 drop no even zen nothing , can You check that pls
  3. Red Dragons

    Is there any chance to rise Red Dragons count to 6 , like it was at old times here ?
  4. Battle Core

    Fixed , thanks for Your time , best support i know its right here
  5. Battle Core

    copy , Try with Char MrWhite
  6. Battle Core

    i did that before i record video , just make trade with elf to be sure im exited , even at 1st few sec of video You can see system info that : you have sucessfully cancelled from battle core :
  7. Battle Core

  8. Battle Core

    upload video give me 15 min
  9. Battle Core

    i cant get where i make mistake really
  10. Battle Core

    what i made wrong ?
  11. Battle Core

    im was using npc and baner on left , when im alredy register/quote ( cant use trade , valut ) and time its come to join CCSOF and i want to run battle core , all character slots are locked , simply i cant make character at battle core server , Can You please write step by step how and i should do that ? https://imgur.com/a/tf1FKXC https://imgur.com/a/Euu9hX7
  12. Battle Core

    any idea Why i cant enter at battle core server ? when i press Que to register i get DC , im login into game mine character its on BC serv cus i cant use depo , okay , but when i try to make shadow character and run battle core , system info says :Applying to BC failed , why ? where im making mistake ?
  13. Game not starting after update

    sometimes i have the same problem but after few min it works normally
  14. silver and golden medal

    i agree as i remember from last editions , to make lesser stones was easier to rise drop/shop items than use that from medal cus we get more jwls than medals drops but that makes sever more challenging
  15. some problems and question

    dont forget its no res server so it must be kinda hard , but its not so bad as on real Global mu - there for that items ppls spend even few days to get one of them So i think You can get that one because i have it on mine sm , but i more time at spot , more than 6 hr for sure ;p