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  1. Logging out

    So i forgot to log out my account on our office and its a holiday so the latest i can log out my account my our office(physically) is on tuesday.... my question is can i log out my account? remotely or something?so i can play it here on my pc at the house?
  2. About the Prison

    Ow sorry for being stupid.. i just noticed that i still see their items.. and its just a waste.. considering they're permanently banned.
  3. Hello admins.. I noticed that there's 14 permanent ban listed on the website.. Can you auction their character or give away their items? Its such a waste... That would help a lot of "good" players haha..
  4. about elf buffs

    Ow its ok now! Ive put 5 on the Muhelper party and its start to buff my bk with def and damage buffs.. thanks!

    we can add more guards for pk players...
  6. hello Im new here and i notice that my elf didnt buff the Bk that i was partied with. I check the party on Muhelper but nothing change... appreciate your help.. thanks