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  1. GUILD (7sky) Gens V.

    Nice recruitment post buddy Best of luck with everything
  2. Reporting for harassment

    I dont consider this PvP he doesnt even care about playing the game or leveling up. He only sits and PK's my party. I dont hate him i have nothing against him. It just ruins the fun and makes me stay up all night and i cant afk. Atleast there should be higher penalty for phono players since he can basicaly still chase me on any map. I will respect your decission either way ty.
  3. Reporting for harassment

    This has been happening for most of the night every 1 hour or 30 mins he returns (sometimes sooner)
  4. There is a player called YUNKE pking me and my friends zPandorum,Catherine for over 48 hours demanding jewels to "leave us alone lol". While it is normal to pk and i would agree with that, this player doesnt even level up. He is Phono 6 camping all the time when we try to "afk" (look at his items). Last night he had no HP pots and he must of fell like 10 times on mobs trying to reach our Spot and he probably made a new acc just to drop himself HP pots to be able to reach us. I cant label this player as a regular pker who would maybe contest for top ranks. He is just a rude person who ruins the fun for everyone. Please take some measures Regards, Jay
  5. Increase Golden numbers on higher maps

    Adding 1 more wouldn't be such a big difference. Would you rather ks and pk for 1 golden? Having less is better ofcourse on a non-reset server. But that usualy means alteast 2 per map if not 3.
  6. So far i only see 1 crust in icarus, 1 satyros in k2 and maybe 2 derkon in aida. Would like to add atleast 1 more to each map if you want
  7. Like the title suggest i tried with 2 chars and i cant click the npc in devias
  8. Classes unlocked from lvl 1?

    Thank you for the fast reply
  9. I'd like to know if the classes will be unlocked from lvl 1 or do we need to reach a certain point?
  10. First steps without x shop

    I have to say the description is outstanding and just by looking at the website design and layout i can tell it's been on the works for a while. I'm looking forward to playing this server. I've tried to find a good one for a pretty long time. Regards, Jay