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  1. w3 Elf

    Sell w3 Elf = w3 BK or offer wc
  2. w3 SM

    Sell w3 SM = Wings BK or offer wc
  3. No exp gain after 400 lvl quest

    You cannot gain master xp in maps like tarkan. Try to go like karutan acheron or kanturu3 and etc
  4. Stuck on lvl 199

    I lvling in acheron and getting ml experience but mine exp bar still 0 after 8 hours
  5. Stuck on lvl 199

    Hi can you fix mine char : Spookyou i am lvling on s1 from 199 lvl and cant lvl up Thank you
  6. Sell 3rd SUM Wings Clean

    Offer here or Mail Me IN Game : Spooky
  7. Sell BM w3 +9

    PM Me in game to talk how we will trade
  8. Sell BM w3 +9

    600 + wings and we have a deal dont waiting more offers.
  9. Sell BM w3 +9

    Offer in wc here or mail me ign Spooky
  10. Sell 3rd RF Cape

    Offer in WC
  11. Sell DL & GL

    Left Only DL 610+ PM Offers
  12. Sell DL & GL

  13. Sell DL & GL

    No srry I need only wc
  14. Sell DL & GL

  15. Sell DL & GL

    Selling : DL Lvl 600+ GL Lvl 650+ with full Camills Sate gear Offer wc here