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  1. Chaos machine and create stone...

    380 sum boots +10+16add +hp 0stones
  2. Permanent experience boost

    i think 400-800 level exp is to big. with hot spots in Nixies Lake and other maps. it will be months game play and we are done.
  3. Lvling after 800LvL

    nice joke.. imagine x10 :DDD
  4. Lvling after 800LvL

    its just dungeon 3 from 5 and how about swamp ?
  5. Sell 3rd RF Cape

  6. Sell 3rd RF Cape

  7. Sell BK 410

  8. B> Wings of Spirit or Life

    250 with tax included ? Elf W2
  9. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    remove offlevel easy razor
  10. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    looks like speed. ES can hit so far but it is 1 from 10 hits. i dont think eMG or SM can hit so hard with out Anc or Ba items
  11. Cheaters, Miracle, 1.2

    just like in CC ES one shoting DL with cape and horse with no enemys around. HP and SD 0 with one hit.
  12. Can't buy item in X-shop

    server will die with out extra $$. 1. Groot have to pick RIGHT moment to add ruud in xshop. 2. make Lucky sets with durability for example 30 days not timer like on WW rings. after CS there will be 2 sides: 1) who will farm anc items in LOT (and with this drop rate. that will be insane on x10 you get full inventory anc in less then 12 hours) 2)who will just buy same set from xshop but with durability on it and farm they ruud sets. i would say for example 150 300 450 wc for each set. (juts a reminder last set is a bit stronger then best anc set you can get) and later they can just drop price on sets mby then they could add ruud for wcoins
  13. Can't buy item in X-shop

    ++ at least make decent price not 5$ per item
  14. S> SM Wings2

    still looking for wings?