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  1. T>Wing3 BK/DL +L=SM+L

    i will be online after 3hours
  2. T>Wing3 BK/DL +L=SM+L

    can give you sm w3 +wcoins if you want
  3. Mist G+Luck 200WC

    staff in shop 545 tax from you
  4. Mist G+Luck 200WC

    current offer 660
  5. Mist G+Luck 200WC

    staff in shop
  6. Mist G+Luck 200WC

  7. Mist G+Luck 200WC

    mail me when you will be in game i will trade you
  8. Mist G+Luck 200WC

  9. Not Getting Mastery box rewards(RUUD)

    you have to kill mobs to get reward.. same with cc, ds and bc 900mobs in bc. https://norebirth.com/topic/44-ruud/
  10. Boss

    Imperial Sundays boss drop a bit too low compare to their difficulty
  11. x10

    some 600 wcoins and added 0. yuo had 10 days to count coins. top didnt change server was transfered. thanks anyways
  12. x10

    missing wc from x10 event top, gens player top 10 Buriza x10 Buriza-9 x50
  13. Boss

    yeah you can do medusa but with what gear ! and what you get in reward. imperial Sunday last boss ? i run 50% DD on my set. how much u got ?
  14. Boss

    FO... ignore 5% (chance to restore full mana and hp just garbage opts.) i did Meduza (she have like 100 times more hp and def ) same with nightmate..... after what i dont wanna try anything in this server.. everything is F.up after s13 update no one tested it before updating and doing anything about it now. why you didnt test every thing in your server when you can clearly see patch is f.up. every boss at least 3 times stronger then it should be. P.S. i was talking about HA set requirements, Ruud set +all stats shows 10 and 20 not working right. that was 3 months from now. never received any answers all. post closed, chat baned
  15. Boss

    anyways it should look like this looks easy to me