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  1. Boss damage and defence

    Do you believe I am real friend with Deryos and Groot? You are wrong, I don`t know them at all. You can ask other players that I am playing Norebirth from start. But I said what I have to say, I played many servers before where admins was ignoring,it was full of bugs. This is the only one server I played so long... There's no advertising, it's my honest words, and yes server had 600, same Asgard had even more, I only can say that people don't have patience, and there's much more sheep than pastors in this world, people like easy ways, if they find something wrong they don`t have patience to fix/figure what is bad... And if this pastors will say that sky is green you might find people that will be agree and follow him, that happens with big guilds on this server like Imperium, Ponnies, Corpores... ADMINS please close this thread, thank you. And you can delete it as I see it's insulting other players.
  2. Boss damage and defence

    He is doing about 80% MISS on my damage + he have damage reduction 60+%. On this level & items I owe, shouldn't be like this Groot. Where's the point getting top items, if a party of 5, with ground +15 items can kill it... I will change first topic in this thread letting users how to kill it. This game its about getting best items and highest level, and I have them but I don't see very big changes having them. This is wrong. Sad I am at the end of game and it's near finishing for me as I am close to top. But I can say : Norebirth should be top 1 mu server, it's very-very nice, much nicer than other I played before, and I played few... Thank you guys for being good admins and caring of users. I had really fun exploring your server. And yes there was few issues with bugs, but sorted with patience and 100% you care of users, not only about donations as other admins do. There's no arrogance in this it's honest words.
  3. Boss damage and defence

    You can kill it only with party of 5 (1 tank + eSM + 3 range damagers) : eBK - that will tank it and swell party , eSM using Poison skill , 3 range damagers (Elf/DL/RF/Summ) You cannot kill alone it even you have top items. Video : P.S. Same damge/defence have God of Swamp.
  4. Quien de habla ispana/latinos arranca el server X20

    Por qué ?
  5. Mist G+Luck 200WC

    I have about 300JOLs if you buy them
  6. Can't use Oblivion scrolls with 4th class

    It`s not a bug, 4th class can be reseted only with Scroll of Black Obvilion (it's on the second page)
  7. Punishers

    We are doing all events , all players are active/online in guild, you can join us by N->Guild application, and we speak more in game.
  8. Punishers

    Yes , I remade N application , try now
  9. Boss

    @Groot @Deryos Please check this topic again. All bosses have very big defense and doing very big damage.
  10. Boss

    Check guy, how much DD he got, he has no dd on set and he has Darkangel set not Awakening. It's not about DD its about server settings. God of Swamp just impossible to kill.
  11. Boss

    I did Medusa alone aswell, hard but I did it, Imperial is easy now after 4th class. But God of Swamp impossible.
  12. Boss

    Even with his FO wings + 15 , his stats are much lower than mine. He is doing damage as me on small mob, but on boss its different,he is doing same damage as on mobs, while on our server its different , boss is taking less damage and is doing insane damage. Try it Buriza and you will see it.
  13. Boss

    He does 15.000 psychical damage/ one hit, not elemental. Elemental about 5-10k . And he doesn't take damage, at all. Maybe with 5 damagers in party you will see his hp moving.
  14. Boss

    We killed yesterday water element mob but, God of Swamp, it's impossible to kill... he has incredible defense and he deals 20.000 damage/ hit . I have awake set +DD + 28 add, and I get one shot all time being in party with ebk, aSM , RF. His settings might be wrong... If someone figure out how to make some damage to him let us know as well.
  15. Errtel of Divinity

    make another 850 and maybe, maybe you'll get 1