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  1. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Instead of trying keeping server alive, being positive and open minded, some explosive are people trying contaminate other's mind. Absolutely there's nothing bad about this transfer. Prepare yourself, fantastic players coming from Asgard
  2. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Ignore this guy... Another spammer that tries to argue without thinking. Let`s keep this thread for important notes or questions. I did mine after third month of leveling.
  3. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    You should be happy that Asgard players will bring some items in game, take bright side.
  4. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Any updates on moving ? Do we know time ?
  5. Punishers

    Since our admins decided to finally make able the much waiting transfer requiting to Punishers will start on Miracle. Send me your name, type of char, level in private mail if you want to get between us. Or jion our Discord(find link in guild description) and we can speak in there . All the best , have fun !
  6. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    I will be fair enough , I will transfer only Absolute , thats it.
  7. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Can you make it faster , cant wait for it !
  8. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Only one highest level character per account with level 400 or above will be transferred.
  9. Transfer from Asgard to Miracle

    Hat down! Thank you.
  10. Nixies Lake experince + Monster atack

    In my opinion mobs should be like they are now, just there's problem with our items, too small defense we get from our gears, so top mobs are making big damage to char even having best items. That's a opinion, I might be wrong with this.
  11. Nixies Lake experince + Monster atack

    Yes Deryos , its impossible to level now at Nixie Lake alone.
  12. Nixies Lake experince + Monster atack

    Before update they was doing only elemental damage, as they attack very fast you get a ridiculous damage. And exp Nars are higher for me now, maybe after when I will be able to not die there I will make more difference and at level 720 any char with this gear should stand at Nixies with no problems.
  13. Guys common this is 4th time I am writing. One attacking mob is taking minus 1000 hp (elemental + normal damage) if you have 3 mobs attacking in spot simultaneous, you are dead. +11 HA Set HA exe weapons Fenrir Pentagram: +13 with rank 2 etrels.
  14. Maze of dimensions Bug

    Other dumb...
  15. Maze of dimensions Bug

    I have no clue what you are talking, if you are leveling alone you have better exp in nars than lake if you have pt DD and Nixie will be better , if you are asking for spots.