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  1. Arka war buff v2

    No worries, u can have it : ) All yours
  2. Ponnies Guild Journey thru Norebirth!

    @maurotheni Seems like @Deryos approved video as it is : )
  3. Houk Everyone, One of our special members have documented our journey through this wonderful server! Enjoy!

    Santa gave - santa took
  5. About Offlevel Bug

    Offlevel is another kind of teleport! I have done it to save zen! Guys, here are the tips to reproduce: 1. Put offlevel on spot in kanturu2 2. Log onto account 3. PROFIT- U are on kanturu3!
  6. Summoner Bugs

    Hello, I will just copy paste my last message to administration I have starded to farm seeds, here is my question regarding few things: 1. Currently summoner reflect from skill is capped on 25% regarding of how much engergy you have. Is this purposefull action to cap it? Skill should give 70% @ ~2000 energy already. I am asking becasue I dont know which seeds I need to equip in my set. 2. Berserker Profiniency in Red MLT doesn't give attack speed as it states on descriptoion. Can you please check it? 3. Do you guys expecting further updates of the server? Got right Fire pentagram for this version of season 12, but if theres gonna be updates later, I need to change to Water. Don't know if I should invest more in current pentagram.
  7. Radiance Errtel

    Houk, Radiance Errtel is currenctlly unobtainable in any way - Bosses won't drop it, Elemental Capsules also.
  8. GL Bugs

    1. Wrath skill taking 30% defence instead of 15% - wrath tooltip. 2. Shining peak skill doesn't work correctly - 2nd hit is missing. 3. Magic Pin with turned helper on sometimes just doesn't work - annimation of the attack is shown, but there is no damage to mob.
  9. Muun Pets & Offlevel

    @Groot Thanks, we was worried after Deryos answer. DeryosToday 12:46 PM @Lotty Issue with muun's is under consideration.

    Hello, Last week D gens united and made crywolf event for bonus exp for whole server, altough it wasn't granted for us.
  11. I will make a little event for our Alliance tommorrow - 19.00 Server time. Prizepool: 1. 100 WC 2. 60 WC 3. 40 WC Type of event and rules will be known to you guys right before event starts! : )
  12. Asgard, 07.01.2018 15:00 (GMT+2)

  13. Can not click " GAME START "

    I had the same problem in various places - seems like poor internet connection causing problem. Are you perhaps connected by WIFI?
  14. thx

    Should give u back aswell then : )