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  1. Dear players, we are launching a special movie event for all of you. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Behold cinemaniacs! The idea of the event is to guess a movie based on a single frame/picture of it. Everyday there will be two new pictures posted from random Christmas and New Year celebrations based movies. Each guess will grant you 25 Coins. Moreover, for each hour passed, if no one provides the right answer, the prize will be increased by 5 more Coins. Maximum of Coins per one movie - 50 Coins. Example: Let's say we post a picture at 18:00 server time and if by 22:00 server time nobody provides the correct answer, in this case the prize will be increased by 20 more Coins, reaching 45 W Coins per correct answer. Otherwise the prize will be increased by another 5 Coins for another passed hour, reaching the maximum of 50 Coins per correct answer. Event Rules: One picture will be posted everyday at a different hour, specifically which hours will be told a day before. The contest will last 7 days and there will be a total of 16 movie pictures involved. Only one player can win for each posted picture. You can't spam your answers, so make sure there is at least a 10 minute gap between your answers. Answers must be posted here, in the topic, including server's name and your nickname. Hints may be posted in a while, if no correct answers are being posted. First picture will be posted on December 19, 21:00 server time. Coins will be distributed to each winner on December 27. Good luck cinemaniacs!
  2. Warmest winter wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from Norebirth Staff. May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may this holiday spirit be with you and your families. As tradition dictates, we would love to remind everyone that this is the time to show appreciation for your family and loved ones. As some play with snowflakes, some are bathing on the sun, this is time for everyone to make a wish and hope for the best 2019. We take pride in maintaining the tradition of celebrating this season holidays with specially prepared events, promotions and entertainment listed below. Festivities' schedule: From December 13 to January 8 - Santa is visiting us! For more info click here. December 23 - in-game holiday events hosted by our staff. From December 13 onwards - Ruud Boxes, Gold and Rare Chaos Card open for purchase. From December 13 to January 8 - winter donation bonuses extra 20% are active. The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours!
  3. Help the questions;

    Click here and read ''Locations and monsters''. As regards gold party, it was already described here.
  4. Battle Core

    We will check tomorrow and give you more precise answer regarding this!
  5. Battle Core

    What do you mean by, ''when I try to make shadow character,'' nevertheless the entire registration process can be done through the NPC Ellin as well, which is located in the Event Square, you may try out that and see if the issue appears.
  6. The following events will take place on RS Destiny (Regular Server): Event #1: Hide and seek Prize pool: x5 GM Gift, 5 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Winner 5: x1 GM Gift Event #2: Fill the gaps Prize pool: x5 GM Gift, 5 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Winner 5: x1 GM Gift Event #3: Bring me event Prize pool: x5 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x2 GM Gift - Jackpot Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Information about all of the events can be found here. Information about GM Gift can be found here.
  7. Party EXP

    2 same character classes in party means a penalty! And even if you have 5 different character classes, that doesn't mean that you will get best experience. In order to obtain best experience (gold party), your party must consist of DK, ELF, DW (necessary) and two other extra classes. Classes that receives 7 points per level always cuts a bit of experience. For best party you may go for: DK, ELF, DW + MG and DL. DK, ELF, DW + RF and SUM and so forth.
  8. PKclear

    Hunt mobs to get rid of pk status, I can't see any issue here.
  9. ee orbs

    On first low level mobs orbs doesn't drop.
  10. Server is FuLL

    3 per HWID is a limit.
  11. ee orbs

  12. Create Magic Stone

    Excl. Dragon/Legendary/other class analogue items: +9+12 = 0 stones +9+12+L= 0 stones +9+16 = 0 stones .+9+16+L= 1-2 stones Excl. Black Dragon/Grand Soul/other class analogue items: +9+12 = 0 stones +9+12+L= 0 stones +9+16 = 1-2 stones .+9+16+L= 1-2 stones Excl. Great Dragon/Dark Soul/other class analogue items: +9+12 = 1-2 stones +9+12+L= 1-2 stones +9+16 = 1-2 stones .+9+16+L= 1-2 stones 380 lvl. and socketed items can't be used for stone mixes.
  13. cant use Tinorant

    Default configs for the dinorant mount is too high, since imp and demon % dmg was decreased as well. Besides, if dinorant characteristics would be default, then there wouldn't be a need in fenrir anymore.
  14. What is happen whit my drop?

    1. Drops in Icarus from Alquamos mobs, may take even up to 2 days to acquaire it, since drop rates are pretty much low. 2. Drops from all mobs in Icarus (but it doesn't mean that you will be able to find it in higher maps, since it drops in Icarus only). 3. Spirits for raven/horse can be acquired at all locations starting from Kanturu 2 end and higher tier mobs.
  15. Shining peak season 13

    In part 2 shining peak final damage has been nerfed by 20%.
  16. Shining peak season 13

    Check elemental damage as well.
  17. bug report

    You mean the particular skill you were searching for or non of the skills dropped at all?
  18. kick from event

    Events works fine, already tested, probably an issue comes from your internet connection.
  19. Cape for DL

    Not sure what your question is. Create the game character first and then take the bonus here. It will be located in the x shop.
  20. 3 per HWID. Information about the offlevel system can be found here.
  21. Norebirth isn't just launching the new Destiny server, it's launching the new hidden power that you will have to reveal! Are you ready to jump and reveal your destiny on December 7, 2018? Norebrith project is exclusively made for non-reset server fans only. We are ready to offer you the most functional and competitive Season 13 Part 2-2 build with off-like character settings and improved gameplay mechanics! It's worth mentioning as well that Destiny server is about complete lack of donate items that can leave a bad effect on the gameplay. In fact, after the Season 13 Part 2-2 release, we're planing to start working on Season 14, which will be updated on the Destiny server in the near 2019! Less words, more action - for the changelog press on the Read more button below. The new episode includes various innovations, one of the most long-awaited includes new inventory slots for the characters and, accordingly, items for those slots - earrings, which can be acquired from bosses. New jewelry is divided into the right and left sides, and each of them includes unique excellent options. Earrings can be upgraded up to +15 by the help of special items Three Vacancies, the upgrade itself takes place in the good, old chaos machine. More details can be found here. Moreover, the character Rage Fighter hasn't been left without innovations, since the new Archangel gloves were finally added - regular AA and Blessed AA. This weapon can be acquired as usual, same like any other AA weapon, in the Blood Castle event, as one of the possible prizes. In addition, new bonus options were added to Mastery items, Damage Decrease for set items and Increase all stats for weapons. These options can be acquired on Mastery items randomly after their drop. Mastery-like bonus options can be found in the new jewelry as well. As well there are many other changes that do not require any additional comments: More detailed description has been added for short time buffs, such as Cherry Blossom Wine and others. Items with timers (rings, pets, etc.) can be now combined together with each other, in order to extend their duration. Improved skill selection menu, now same as in previous seasons, you can add normal skills for buttons 6-0. New ML skill has been added for all classes - Attribute Defense Increase and for RF class - Boost maximum vitality. The quest window upon entering the game can be not only minimized but closed as well. New function to sort the locations in the Move list has been added. Couple of custom changes were made as well: Maximum ML has been increased to level 600. As regards Excellent items, now you can acquire up to 3 options, as for socket items, up to 4 slots, can be acquired from boxes and bosses. Ice Queen, Gorgon, Balrog, Hydra and Zaikan are counted as normal monsters now, their amount on locations has been increased. Primary Pentagrams, Mithril Fragment and Elemental Rune now can be acquired in Ferea, Nixie Lake, Deep Dungeon 1-5 and Swamp of Darkness. Normal items can be again acquired in BC 5-7 and DS 5-7, though class skills for characters does not fall in these events. Items that are acquired from Silver, Gold Medals and Firecracker, their upgrade has been increased by +1. Rate regarding the number of options and grade level for the 4th wings mix has been increased. Few of the gameplay elements are still not included in the gameplay process and are still under development. Among them - an updated Labyrinth of Dimension League and some of the novelties from previous seasons - such as Bound items, event Jewel Bingo and others. All these novelties will be introduced in the next patch releases that will be announced in the appropriate section. As well, the website side will be adopted accordingly to part 2-2 in the next couple of weeks.
  22. account invalid

    Try now to update your password in the account panel and see if that helps.
  23. account invalid

    Got it, no worries we’ll fix it soon. Thanks guys!
  24. Gorgon

    From now up, however, Ice Queen, Gorgon, Balrog, Hydra and Zaikan are counted as normal monsters, their amount on locations has been increased.