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  1. new nores server

    It's not about the early launch, it's about the stability that we can provide! We're working on the development of Part 2 now, so we're not fully ready yet! Lots of stuff has been fixed and overwrote during the past couple of months, which hasn't been even released to this day, since it's coming with the Part 2 release only. What can I say regarding to this? We're very proud and very happy about the result to this day. We're taking things slowly, step by step, in other words, we don't want to rush, although we're sure that Norebirth has the most functional Season 13 Part 2 build to this day! We're monitoring the server around the clock now, in order to find some minor things that has to be fixed before the actual launch, in order to make your and other player gaming experience as enjoyable as possible!
  2. Chaos Card Rare cannot be bought

  3. 2.5 Wing Success Rate

    Unfortunately capes have lower chance of success rate comparing to 2nd wings, since their item level is lower. You may try your luck with +9+16, which will grant you an extra 20%.
  4. No exp gain after 400 lvl quest

    Yes indeed, the mob level must be higher in order to receive ML points (kanturu 2 end and higher level monsters).
  5. x50 and x20

    Miracle x50 is same in terms of configs, however unlike Rampage x20, the content is fully progressed.
  6. Game client is lagging

    MU Online game platform is very old. There weren't any real changes made in the game's engine, there has only been added stuff in the game itself. You truly need a very high spec PC to get no lag in crowded places, but even doe, the best machines will have problems, since it is the game's engine fault. You have to accept and live with it. An old game with a huge backpack of new features to carry..
  7. New sub-server for newbies, new progression, new opportunities - a release that many have been waiting for, is coming very soon. Since our project isn't standing still and somehow we need to attract more players, we are launching a new promotion - speed event for newbies - a promotion for those who haven't yet had time to start playing on our project for some reason, but still wants to see what norebirth is truly capable of. At the speed event, you will be able to raise your character with additional experience rates on the additional Non-PvP sub-channel. For more information press on the Read more button below. Event Period: July 22, 20:00 server time ~ August 22, 18:00 server time. About speed channel Only for Rampage server. At speed sub-server, you can raise your character with Additional EXP. Everyone can enter to the speed sub-server absolutely for free. Detailed benefits All locations are Non-PvP on the speed sub-server. Maximal level on the speed channel: 400. Maximal master level on the speed channel: 199. Normal level rates: x40 (+100% bonus). Master level rates: x30 (+50% bonus). Zen drop rates: x15 (+50% bonus). Increased quest item drop rate for class upgrade. You can create any class character at the beginning. Creating party is allowed for different gens members. Facebook promotion Like our facebook page. Share this post on your timeline and enter your game nickname in the comment section. On August 1, 10 randomly chosen players will be awarded with 100 W Coins.
  8. The following events will take place on RS Rampage (Regular Server): Event #1: Hide and seek Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Event #2: Legendary weapon Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Event #3: Defense Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Information about all of the events can be found here. Information about GM Gift can be found here.
  9. We are pleased to announce that the new progression will be released on July 22 - new map, boss and cash shop goods will be added. And a great news for those, who loves novelties! Our developers are working on the 'Part 2' version already, which is passing the CBT stage now. Consequently, many bugs will be fixed within the official 'Part 2' release, which will take place without any wipes. However, it is too early to talk about the exact dates yet, since much work has to be done. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below. Changes: Added NPC Zyro, extra inventory vault purchase was disabled from the cash shop. Added marry system, for the particular system new jewel was added "Love Stone". Added command /dcfriend <nickname> <password>. Regarding the CW event, the possibility to kill elves on the altars was removed. Fixes: Fixed defence success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window. Fixed a scenario when it was possible to block all duel rooms without active duels. For successful game entry update your game client using Launcher. If you are still experiencing any troubles with auto-updater, download Patcher in the Files section and update client manually.
  10. Marry system

    To register a marriage, both groom and bride must have a Love Stone in their inventories, which can be bought in the Cash Shop. In addition, both must have 50kk zen in their inventories and at least 400 lvl. If everything is set and ready both of the players must teleport to Devias 2 and head to the altar, coordinates 14.25 and 14.26. After that one of brides must write the command /marry nickname, consequently other bride must write the command /accept in the chat, after which a server message will pop out and notify everyone about the new honeymooners! Command /teleport - the husband and wife can teleport to each other. Command /divorce - marriage will be destroyed. Same-sex marriage is not allowed.
  11. Horn Race Tournament on 07.07.2018

    And the winners are: 1st place: (two players): Banun/Vinci - 575 W Coins 3rd place: Notorious - 375 W Coins 4th place: Jaypee23 - 250 W Coins 5th place: - 12Aquarius - 125 W Coins W Coins will be distributed to your accounts within two days. Have fun!
  12. Horn Race Tournament on 07.07.2018

    5 minutes.
  13. Horn Race Tournament on 07.07.2018

    Qualifying stage: Group A: Death, Silver, Voyager Group B: Sync, Jaypee23, 12Aquarius Group C: TheMoon, Oklahoma, Vinci Group D: BUFFET, Notorious, Magic Group E: RollRoy, HashiBoss, Escanor Semi finals will take place on July 8 at 19:00 server time: Group F: Voyanger vs Vinci Group G: BUFFET vs 12Aquarius Group H: HashiBoss vs Escanor Group I: Death vs Magic Group J: Jaypee23 vs Oklahoma Finals will take place on July 8 at 20:00 server time!
  14. Horn Race Tournament on 07.07.2018

    Horn Race Tournament Period: July 7 ~ July 8. Players divided into groups: On July 7 from 18:00 to 18:45 server time. Qualifying stage: On July 7 from 19:00 to 20:00 server time. Semi finals: On July 8 from 19:00 to 19:30 server time. Finals: On July 8 at 20:00 server time.
  15. Horn race tournament will take place on RS Rampage (Regular Server): Divided in 3 stages: Groups: On July 7 from 18:00 to 18:45 server time players will be divided into 5 groups: A, B, C, D, E (there can be only up to 3-5 players in a group, depending on how many players will participate). Each participant will get Horn of Uniria, which is necessary to equip for the race! The race itself will be hosted at the Lorencia race track. Qualifying stage: On July 7 from 19:00 to 20:00 server time players will fight for the semi finals. Only 2 winners from each group will be chosen. Semi finals: On July 8 from 19:00 to 19:30 server time 10 players will participate in the semi finals. Players will be divided into 5 groups: F, G, H, I, J. There will be 2 players in each group. Only 1 winner from each group will be chosen for the finals. Finals: On July 8 at 20:00 server time 5 players will be fighting in finals, in which 5 players will split the whooping prize pool! To participate: Minimum requirement to participate in the tournament - to have a game character with at least level 200. Participation in two or more windows will be considered as cheating, carried with a ban. Prize pool of whooping 1875 W Coins! 1st place - 625 W Coins, 2nd place - 500 W Coins, 3rd place - 375 W Coins, 4th place - 250 W Coins, 5th place - 125 W Coins. We wish you good luck, and we hope that your two-legged won't let you down!