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  1. Sockets

    It seems you still play in s9. :-)
  2. Season 13 Wings in X- Shop = Why Not

    That is instant server death.
  3. Maintenance on 09.05.2018

    Deryos, can you give an example of previous-new xp for 1 mob please
  4. 1st quest bug?

    losttower 3 will drop
  5. Lvling after 800LvL

    Well normally 400 to 800 journey it should be harder as it is on webzen. In my opinion from level 800 to max level the journey should take around 2 weeks for a full boost+vip and for a total free to play person it should be around 6 weeks (also taking in evidence the fact that people are very poor geared), because after all everyone wants to experience the season 13 features and that's the thing that will keep people interested on server.
  6. Imperium

    Keep me a spot, i will be back next week. (fureehz here)
  7. 1-BC-i got ported out from BC5 while i was waiting to start 2-Quit Game: i wanted to exit game and the client was keep reconnecting me( the countdown was done and instead of client to close i was reconnected several times, i had to kill game from process to close it)
  8. Fenrir hp

    1bless=100% hp restore( you must unequip the fenrir to heal it)
  9. Miracle x50 GUILD?

    Tha Fury will join also :))
  10. In s13 are we gonna be able to switch sets specialization? for example blood angel elf agility set to energy set?
  11. Ruud in Season 13 Part 1-2

    100% xp boost seal please
  12. Cinemaniacs, 12.02.2018

    Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars
  13. BUY Fenrir

    B>Red/Black Fenrir send mail ingame to Fureehz
  14. Buy

    Gaion Pants pm/mail Fureehz or post here
  15. When u unlock the item with Ancient Hero Soul the item gets the build u have in that moment(if u are emg the item will go energy main requirement). You CANT CHANGE the main requirement after unlock.