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  1. Shining peak season 13

    but as shes Main/Final Skill should do more dmg ,like 1k, actual is less than harsh strike, harsh strike kill faster than Shining peak, please review this skill... if you leave like this, i should play another class, my plan is BK + GL now maybe BK + RF

    try clean inventory tools from website
  3. https://ibb.co/w7TJjg8 shining peak do this low dmg is normal?
  4. bug report

    good thanks
  5. bug report

    with 1 client fine, 2 client fine, 3client the last 1 or 2 get disconnect
  6. bug report

    still cd....
  7. bug report

  8. bug report

    InkWiz Marijuana
  9. bug report

    this is set problem? im all +13+5% harmony dd, and look are +4
  10. bug report

    its work withouth any set item wear on
  11. bug report

    keep work, its great! fix all
  12. bug report

    please check another thing, when i open 3 client the 3rd game client after 1min get disconnect , some time 2nd client too
  13. bug report

    are you sure Shining Peak skill drop from K2 Genocider and Berserker? im looking for 2 days non drop
  14. bug report

    also k2 mid monster same, no drop skills