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  1. Item for create Wings lv 2.5

    is this mu dead? no one admin help player wtf
  2. Item for create Wings lv 2.5

    tonigh i let 1 char at t2 to try drop this item no one drop, and i let 1 char at barracks and their drop me 2 condor of flame...
  3. Item for create Wings lv 2.5

    Im levelling at spot with 3 Death beam knight 2 weeks and only 1 item...
  4. Why Darkangel Bow level required its 600 and Another Darkangel weapon level required its 500? its bug? can you fix pls
  5. Item for create Wings lv 2.5

    Why are so low the drop for item wings lv 2.5??? in 2 weeks no one drop at tarkan2 from Death Beam Knight, its only wings 2.5 can you increase pls? i dont need drop 10000 at day, but 1 for day its ok..
  6. SM Teleport Can't attack

    It's only my problem when sm use teleport he can't cast spell? or in this season can't attack when he is in teleport? i watching on youtube who can cast spell when he is in teleport
  7. Status online

    so in 140 player online we are 20 real player?
  8. Status online

    On the site the characters counted online are real? because I do not see all these players on
  9. Wings Lv 3 How to make?

  10. Wings Lv 3 How to make?

    Someone can tell me how i can make the 3th level of wings? where can i found the item, wich moob?, wich maps? thanks
  11. PKClear

    How can i Clear my pk in game?