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  1. B>CAMILL'S Pieces

    Hi i Buy Camill"s Pieces Have Helm and Shield Yet ! Contact through forum Message preferable ! Greatful in advance
  2. Offlevel error

    Hi , none of my 3 accounts worked offlevel , that includes my Vip account , so now i'm starting to get mad about it ! I would really appreciate if someone of the Staff gives a clear answer what the hell is going on ! Greatful in Advance
  3. Offlevel error

    Hi , Setting up Helper did not help ! But i noticed it occurs only if i try offlevel at same map , even if my char is Vip ! Thats quite annoying
  4. Buy BA DA Lance

    Buying BA DA Lance exc or no exc ! If someone has for sell , lets negotiate , please send message through forum because my chars are mainly AFK except when i clear inventory etc !
  5. Death Beam Knight Soul Drop?

    Hi , easier to drop from Death beam knight , i dropped on first try Others drop but on a very very low rate !
  6. Elf Def Formula

    Hi i noticed my elf with 1k agi has very low def , she doesnt stand Losttower7 with Exc Bow , Exc Quiver and Wing1 at Level 230 ! Is that right ?
  7. Bug Report / Problem

    Hi , You need 4x4 space in Inventory AND in your Event Inventory ! If your Event inventory is full that could get difficult now