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  1. GP ?

    SUPzin aSMzin aRFzin eMGzin eBKzin qual você quer? hAHAHA
  2. GP ?

    opa legal, um brazuca? os unicos, eu não entendo inglês e acabei caindo nesse servidor, estou quase desistindo.
  3. GP ?

    dont use GP (Goblin Points) in server why? its good for new players... where are BR BR players hability GP GP GP
  4. Patch (anti-lag)

    Have any patch for anti-lag, no graphic etcs... or create ? thx bb
  5. Help the questions;

    have topic for spots? yes, where? no . rate of life no luck for all players or have diference of p2p and f2p? party Gold (DK,DW,ELF,RF,MG) ?
  6. Party EXP

    DK, ELF, MG, DW, RF is gold party?
  7. Server is FuLL

  8. Server is FuLL

    im log 3 account, and go log more one this msg. https://ibb.co/b6VSQNQ