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  1. Christmas and New Year celebrations

    Which gifts? Everything except Santa is for purchase
  2. Party EXp v2

    I`m still not convinced about this party exp, maybe other players can give any feedback, about how much exp you gaining in kanturu? http://prntscr.com/ltofgj http://prntscr.com/ltofyk Its pretty common in these last seasons that PT system bug out. I do have gold PT members. (BK, SM, ELF) + (RF, DL) But in exp bar there still is only 100% exp shown. We are leveling at Satyros mobs, and we are at about 300+ lvl. And I get ~ 37k exp per mob. I just have this feeling that something off. Either my party, or system it self. Can any players confirm, that they tested this Gold PT and it actually works?
  3. Party EXP

    Oki, got it.
  4. Party EXP

    I just wrote, I know its not gold PT! But do we loose all extra exp, cause we have 2x Elfs? Or game is bugged and doesnt show proper exp gain?
  5. Party EXP

    We are 5x chars in PT We dont have gold pt. since these are the chars: (AE, EE, DL, RF and BK). And we have 150% exp. Which comes from skeleton ring + skeleton pet. Why game doesnt show that extra exp gained from PT? Does it PT system work properly? Do we loose all extra exp cause we have 2x Elfs?
  6. PKclear

    Issue is, that you have no info about /pkclear option. Does it work? How much it costs? Thats the issue. Yes, I cleared pk with mobs. Still, u didnt give any answer.
  7. PKclear

    Sorry for double post, but I cant edit my post. Anyways, 30kk is not enough for /pkclear? Is that option even function now? Or is the zen ammount so ridicilously high? At this point I can throw my char, cause there is no way I`m gonna get 100kk for PKclear considering how hard it is to get zen. I cant be in PT, or go to shops. I understand, hard server - I`m all about it, but this atm blows my mind.
  8. PKclear

    I saw post about pkclear. But it you didnt specifie how much zen I need to clear my pk. I`m at lvl2pk. Also when you use command pkclear game doesnt show how much zen u need.