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  1. Hacker???

  2. Hacker???

    Hello, there is guys with this nick name. He write to me for trade, and give some zen. Can you check him? He post some note too: https://imgur.com/eaPy2eO
  3. Dinorant

    Ok now I can't take it off ...
  4. Dinorant

    Hi, I can't use my Dinorant. I press right mouse and nothing is happen Please help.
  5. I am begging you! help me. I can not: 1. do quest with Zyro-Cloth fragment 2. Drop Crest of Monarch 3. drop the crow and horse. I do not believe that for three days on maps higer than Icarus I have not dropped one of the above. Other players drop these items - my DL does not. (I was check on website inventory other players) And do not tell me there is a low drop, because it's not possible that the drop is 0.1! And even if - it should drop me after so long time
  6. some problems and question

    1. after update shop works fine 2. SO you wanna tell me that I wont get my quest? this game has so many possibilities, but such a low drop does not allow playing (fun) - in my opinion Thanks for help
  7. some problems and question

    There is few new problems: 1. Problem with Private shop - I cant do nothink, juto open it by press "s" and that is all. I cant open shop to sell somethink. 2. Problem with quest from Zyro - Space Cloth. Whis pis of st* doesn't wanna rop !! I spend whole 6 hours and kil a lots of Alquamos at Icarus, and nothink! Zero! Null! 3. Where I can get Crest of monarch on this serwer?
  8. kick from event

    Event Square - work Cry wolf - work greate!!!! It is work !!! GJ !! Thank You
  9. kick from event

    I just noticed that a message appears when the game starts https://imgur.com/bWfezFH
  10. kick from event

    and I find other problem - I can't travel to CryWolf I had this same problem like early
  11. kick from event

    and again, but this time I try to go to Devil squere and use map to go to Event squere. https://imgur.com/FCeQN10 After this error I need to restart my computer to run Mu Online
  12. kick from event

    I have it all the time https://imgur.com/HJEJahZ and I lost few jewelof chaos becouse of it problem
  13. kick from event

    Mr Groot, early all events work fine I have good internet next time i will give you ss.
  14. Cape for DL

    Befor this big problem with invalid account I try to get gift form administration to beginners. I wann know if I will get this gint or no? I was ask for cape 1 lvl for my DL. Thank for answer
  15. kick from event

    Hello, i try to get CC and BC and game just kick me out form serwer. There was information that he can not connect to the server again. I installed a new client today.