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  1. INK drop

    I know that some are very low, but respawn Berserker Warior is very loooow and drop is ver loooow, so c'mon, it will take ages to finish this quest. Can you domethink with that? Maybe higer drop or more Berserker Worriors?
  2. Disappear drop and reds

    Provide full info - character name, date and time. Samwoja date : Sunday time - afternoon, Im sorry I didn't write time next time i iwll remember about it
  3. INK drop

    http://muonlinefanz.com/tools/items/data/itemdb/Blue Ink.php http://muonlinefanz.com/guide/quests/phantom/ Quest name "deleting memory" and " last change" - check it
  4. Disappear drop and reds

    no no. I was finish BC, and game frozen, so I restard game. When I log in reward was not under "k" button.
  5. visual bug

    But I have good internet. It is not my internet fault. And this bug appears from Saturday
  6. Disappear drop and reds

    Hello, at Sunday was terrible lag. In this day I went to BC and my rewards disappear. Can i get my reward? And since saturday Reds start to disappear too How? Normaly I punch them and when thay have half HP thay just disappear It will be like this forever?
  7. INK drop

    Hello, I start task to restart my tree. ANdthere is problem like - I cant drop INK from Berserker Worior. After 5 hours in Kanturu 3 I get ZERO drop.
  8. visual bug

    Hello, since few days i have this visual bug: https://imgur.com/3J34WhZ it will be permanently? And I have biiig problem with Helper. After 20 - 30 minutes he tur off by himself. I can't exp normally. Please help.
  9. A Few Guestions

    Yes, this time I notes all Goldens. But from time to time we cant find all a specialy Satyros and Golden Dragon.
  10. A Few Guestions

    I have few question: 1. Do you know why when I play longer than 3h I can't teleport to my partymate? And my partymate can't teleport to me too. When I click on some member of the group, it moves me to someone else. For example: In party is Elf, GL, RF, BK and me (DL). I try to teleport to GL but I can't or teleport take me to the Elf Do you know some solution? 2. After increasing the amount of red dragoons "up to 5" we should looking for 5 red dragons? Or we sometimes can find just 4 dragons? 3. What happened to the golden dragons? I can not find Greate Golden Drake over Twin Tail and Satyros a few times. Advancing your statement that they could have been slaughtered, I would like to point out that all the Golds that fall are written on a piece of paper.
  11. Muun Evolution

    Now I understand Thank you very much ! Happy New Year !
  12. Muun Evolution

    Hello, I have problem with Muun evolution. I try to use Evolution Stone for one of Muun (the name are the same Mantis and Evolution Stone Mantis). When I put Stone to Mantis there nothing happen. Muun should then evolve. Right?
  13. Event entry problem

    Morning, second day I had 4/4 (BC) 2/4(DS) 3/3 CC. I made a restart character and it is still the same configuration. Please help.
  14. Hacker???

  15. Hacker???

    Hello, there is guys with this nick name. He write to me for trade, and give some zen. Can you check him? He post some note too: https://imgur.com/eaPy2eO