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  1. Is this a bug ?

    Can some admin help us please.
  2. Is this a bug ?

    So this is a world wide issue.
  3. Is this a bug ?

    So I have this Rage Fighter, in Miracle, named Flank. He made it through 380 quest and now at 600s level. But, in master skill tree, Determination section, Rank 7, there's this skill called "Boost Maximum Vitallity" - I cannot add any point into this. Please note I have done all the requirement, (Dark Side mastery 10 point, etc,...). This is strange because it works fine on other classes. I tried reconnect the account but still can't add point to this. Please help.
  4. Create Magic Stone

    I have a quick question, just to be clear. We have to put exc item from what range and above to create Intermediate Spirit Stone ? I tried Exc Adamantine Boots + 7 + opt12 + 2 exc options and it appears 0 stones.

    I had to move all those bug shields into 1 char and delete him.

    I obtained this item while farming. It has very weird option, (look like a bug). As you can see on the lower left corner, it cannot be dropped nor sold. It just stuck in my inventory. The screenshot is in this link below : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rNHG51yHkxO4UTarVrUOWmi5Bdl4Ehjq
  7. Summon Scrolls lvl 1 2 3

    Before the update, they usually drop 100k zen, exc items, or jewels. Right ?

    Usually I obtain 10~20 firecrackers every 8 hours of farming. Last night I didn't get any. Not a single one. Guess I'm just unlucky.
  9. kick from event

    I genuinely don't think it's my internet connection. I have been playing the game for months but this never happened. Until the recent update.
  10. kick from event

    I don't think it has anything to do with the disconnect problem. That message appears all the time, since I started playing months ago. But there's no problem. Until the recent update.
  11. Where Fire Burst drop?

    Tarkan 1
  12. kick from event

    same problem here, can't take part in any event, can't even warp to Crywolf.

    I just have a quick question. Was Firecracker removed from the game ?

    The last problem (account invalid) was fixed. But, new problem : the game automatically disconnected immediately after logging in. Like this : Account, password, enter..... 5 4 3 2 1 Boom! You are disconnected.

    The GAME START button on the MU game launcher won't turn red as usual, so I can't click on it to open the game. Anyone got the same problem ?