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  1. Good day Admin, I wanted to bring 2 issues to your attention: 1. Some boss mobs dissapear in boss zones during killing. In particular (the ones I have noted) Selupan, Ferea and Darkness boss. 2. Radiance Erretel cannot be made. I initially thought it is supposed to be obtained only via elemental capsule as in Webzen main server, but you informed me in the chat that you set it to be made at npc in Archeron. However, I doubt this is true as I have made over 100 and didn't get a single radiance or divinity erretel. May you confirm the % chance of making them or rather please cross check that it is set to be made at the erretel npc. Thanks!
  2. Good day, Please check out Chaos Card Rare in game purchase problem. I have enough coins but when I try to purchase it, it says "Item cannot be bought". Chaos card gold purchase is working, but not for CC rare. Thanks
  3. Transfer from Rampage to Miracle

    what is the exact time of transfer on the 14th?
  4. Transfer from Rampage to Miracle

    There are players still playing who have lvl less then 400...newer players to game. May you transfer the highest char from their account as well? Chars lvl 300+
  5. Good day, Two days ago I killed kundun, yesterday core and today selupan...but I think the drops for these mobs are bugged: Drops: Kundun: nothing dropped Selupan: nothing dropped Core: Drop exc BA set items (I thought is supposed to drop mountable muun pet) Would be nice if you could fix the drops, as I enjoy hunting these mobs but if nothing drops where would I get the excitement from ? Thanks