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  1. Chaos Card Rare

    Whats items does Chaos Card Rare give? Can get 3rd Wing?
  2. 2.5 Wing Success Rate

    Hello. I am trying to make 2.5 Elf Wing. I put in Death Beam Soul+Chaos+JOC and Cape+9+12+L but success rate is only 27%...Isn't max success rate supposed to be 60%? How can i get to 60%?
  3. Stuck on ML199

    Sure im logged out
  4. Stuck on ML199

    Hi. Im stuck on Master lvl199 please help. Char nicks: B3auTy, Mikasa, B3aSt, Jango
  5. S>Buckler Shield+DD+DR+L

    Offer me items/multiple wings